#youthSpeaks 2018 Karnataka elections Battle Of Existence: an Article by Er Saadat Ali

The election commission of India announced on Tuesday 27th march that the state Assembly election for Karnataka will be held on 12th May 2018, counting and result declaration will be on 15th march 2018.

This election will be not less than a battle as it will draw a line for the 2019 general elections. The Karnataka elections are more interesting because of the presence of regional parties of good strength that is JDS, social democratic party of India ( SDPI) apart from congress and BJP, It is the many dimensional battle like UP.

Let’s introspect from all parties perspective why it is the battle of existence. Congress prospective: After losing 2014 general elections, BJP made government in 11 states making a total tally of 19 and congress left with only 3 states. And Karnataka is the only
big state they have in their basket. Loosing this also means Congress going for 2019 elections with zero confidence and no face to go out in public and substantially losing the game before being played.

The chief minister of karntaka Mr Siddaramaiah who successfully completed his tenure and brought no blot on congress during last 5 years looking very strong, And it is expected that on his face people will vote for Congress. Having a week central leadership the only way of congress resurrection is by strong local leadership. We have witnesses this in Punjab elections has congress won with the face of Capt Amrindar singh and Navjot Singh siddu.
Many scams by current BJP government and the rise of congress party image in recent time specially after Gujrat elections makes more favorable conditions for congress in
Karnataka , if they losses Karnataka the game will be over for congress for atleast 15 years in all the states of the India.

BJP prospective:

In the lights of prime minster Mr modi leaderships and the strategies of party president Amit shah Bjp on the roll, by
Winning states after states . But with parting of TDP form NDA wiped out Bjp from souther part of india. And it is known fact south states are more educated than northen states will make impact on the people of india that people in south completely rejected Bjp. It is the testing time for both Narendar modi and amit shah how they will fight this tough elections.

Taking initiative for federal front Telanagna chief minister Mr KCR and West bengal chief minister Mamta Banerjee organizing meetings with all regional parties. Bad performance of BJP in recent Gujarat elections and UP by polls makes many allies of NDA more apprehensive about whether to go with BJP in 2019 elections or not, one big example is Shivsena. So BJP will put all its efforts to win Karnataka so as to make its presence in South India and to keep its allies for 2019 elections.

Janta dal secular:

Under the leadership of kumar swamy JDS lots its charm which they have in late 19s.

JDS seven sitting MLA joined congress in the past week makes JDS tally to 34 in the assembly, if the graphfollows it patterns JDS will be on the verge of extinctions in the near future. Keeping in the view the situation of the parties they made alliance with BSP and eying other small parties. It is like do or die situation for JDS.

Social democratic party of India:

With fewer numbers of active cadre with less resources SDPI managed to get huge popularity in the Karnataka. They have almost defeated congress stalwart Tanveer saith in the 2013 assembly elections from Narasimharaja. SDPI lost by very less margin. With all the hard work on the ground they are eying at least couple of seats in the assembly. SDPI may open its account in Karnataka in this election.

And also we have debutant AIMIM and MEP along with WPI,CPI which seems to be not more than just the participants.

At this phase of the Karnataka elections there are enough signs are to suggest congress has upper hand, they also have the enormous ability to make come back at any moment. And BJP won’t give up without a bruising fight.All eyes of India is on Karnataka elections result, and many political analyst said that this result will set the mood of the people in many states of india.

Lastly I suggest the readers to cast their votes to save democracy, to keep intact the peace and harmony of Karnataka and make a benchmark for the rest of the Indian people.


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