Saad Memon : 22 year old national award winner develops a mini-super computer

PUNE : Saad Memon a 22 year old boy from Chattisgarh  has developed a mini super-computer with speed and efficiency that can match an assembly of 32 computers . The software is similar to Apple and Microsoft’s Siri and Cortana, which accepts voice commands to operate computers and smart phones. With this he is believed to have become India’s first mini super computer developer.

Having 18 Giga Byte RAM space, the computer through automated voice command can automatically operate a car and humanoid robots. It has the capacity to give access to 1 Lac users at a time if a social media group is developed through it.

Saad originally hails from the backward Bastar district  in Chattisgarh  has graduated in Computer Science from Pune University and is working with first super computer developer Vijay Bhatkar.


Saad has job offers from Japan and USA but he intends to purse higher studies in USA.

Saad credited his mother Halima Banu and father Ishtiyaq Memon for the success of his project.

He appealed to parents to encourage their children in the field of their interest and not force them to become engineers or doctors if they are not interested. Instead they should be provided with other options that they can enjoy and in which they can work efficiently.

To the youth he said that time is real wealth which should never be wasted. “We should never waste our time and keep pursuing our dreams with all our heart” Saad said.


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