Will the Gulbarga City Corporation wake up before someone gets hurt?? Or is it waiting for someone to get hurt or die before taking safety measures??

Gulbarga |DeccanDigest : The pictures posted here are from the Central Bus Stand Gulbarga, the work that is going on is the beautification of Road Divider. It is a very good project from a typically high temperature city like us. But the way it has been executed is turning into night mare.

The drilling of the bore well in the divider is being done in Night, the debris from the work is not cleared at all. The soil which have been accumulated by the drilling process is laying around on the road. The rains in Gulbarga have converted the soil into a mud and the roads are turning into a trap for two wheeler.

As the rains continue the mud spreads to the Other side of roads creating a slippery patch where anyone can fall and get hurt or worst, get killed. The city corporation which has taken a good step must act before something unfortunate happens. The safety measures at this place are totally absent and may result in something unfortunate.

We also appeal our readers from MSK Mill Gulbarga to be careful while traveling on this road and also petition the corporation for getting this debris Cleaned..


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