Who will protect the historic Saath Kabar in Bijapur?

Bijapur, October 23:

The Archeological Survey of India (ASI) has come under sharp criticism of various organizations, historians and researchers for not providing any protection to the ancient Saath Kabar (sixty graves) monuments located inside the fields of Torvi village of Bijapur taluk.

The Karnataka Rakshana Vedike in a release has said that owing to the sheer negligence, one of the enchanting monuments of the Bijapur city was in ruins.

It may be noted that the Saath Kabar has curious history attached to it. According to some historians, Afzal Khan, the gallant army chief of Ali Adil Shah-II got his sixty wives killed and buried them all.

The historical evidence says that Afzal Khan had fear that after his death during any war, his wives will either marry somebody else or would be captured by enemies to make them as their slaves.

Afzal Khan who did not want either of the possibilities, killed his wives and later built a separate graveyard for them where the wives were buried. The site later became popular as Saath Kabar.

Meanwhile, the Vedike has said that such important monument which has historical significance, was in shoddy state owing to no care to protect it.

Stating that the monument has no connecting road, the Vedike said that the area was now surrounded by thorny bushes tall tree making the structure invisible for the visitors.

The Vedike said that there was no signboard installed anywhere close the area for displaying the direction to the monument.

Following the negligence, several miscreants have been constantly visiting and damaging the valuable national property, the Vedike said. A few people, in search of treasure, have dug up some portion of the monument which has added to the present shoddy condition, the release said.

The efforts had also been made to encroach upon the area by people who have farms close the monument.

Demanding the ASI to immediately take up steps to preserve and protect the ancient monument by developing connecting road and providing other facilities for tourists, the Vedike said that the area could be developed and tourist place for domestic and international visitors.Courtesy: Karnataka Muslims


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