What H-K region got from budget?

Gulbarga: The backward Hyderabad-Karnataka region had nothing to be disappointed about the budget presented by Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy on Thursday.

The Gulbarga division has got development projects sanctioned for each of its six districts except Raichur, which didn’t find a mention in the budget.

Of the six districts Bidar, Gulbarga, Yadgir, Raichur, Koppal and Ballari, Gulbarga district has bagged lion’s share of development projects. To start with, Kumaraswamy said, “Gulbarga district will be developed as Bharath Solar district. The solar panel, inverters, capacitors and luminators for the production of solar power will be produced in Gulbarga district.”

It signals that the ‘Sun City’ in future will be a hub for solar-related equipment. He reiterated that the new super speciality hospital, announced by his predecessor Siddaramaiah, will be established in Gulbarga.

That apart, under Animal Husbandry Department a frozen semen distribution centre will be established at divisional-level in Gulbarga at a cost of Rs 2.25 crore.

Further, assistance will be provided to SC/ST graduates for training to competitive examinations to the UPSC, KPSC, Banking etc in collaboration with private training institute in Gulbarga city coming under Article 371 (J) of the constitution.

A few days ago, Social Welfare Minister Priyank Kharge during his maiden visit to the Gulbarga city after taking charge as the minister had announced establishment of coaching centre in Gulbarga city for the benefit of enthusiasts of competitive examination.

Koppal district

After Gulbarga, Koppal has bagged maximum number of development projects.

Kumarswamy said as a challenge to Chinese toys, it is proposed to establish a cluster for the manufacture of toys in Koppal district. If implemented as planned Koppal will be a hub of children’s toys.

The CM also announced setting up of 450-bed capacity new hospital attached to medical college in Koppal and has also allocated funds for it.

That apart, Kumaraswamy said that Israel model irrigation facility will created in 5,000 hectares of dry land in Koppal to protect the crops of farmers and to make their life better. He has also allocated funds for it.

Ballari district

The CM announced setting up of a tourist university with private partnership at historical and pilgrim centre Hampi and has provided Rs 3 cr for the purpose. Textile industry was already established in Ballari and emphasis will be given to this industry as many opportunities are coming to state following the expiry of WTO’s Multi-fibre arrangement.

Bidar district

The CM said to manufacture agricultural implements that are suitable for our crops and our agriculture practice, a unit will be set up in Bidar to extensively manufacture agriculture implements required for agriculture and protection of agro-products.

He also announced that in the next four years Rs 2,000 crore capital to the companies who come forward to manufacture agriculture implements in this district.

Yadgir district

Kumaraswamy said it was possible to adopt Israel model of irrigation in the horticulture sector too.

“In this background, the facility will be developed on 5,000 in Yadgir district. That apart some of the other schemes that in general will prove beneficial to the region are waiving of all defaulted crop loans of farmers, upto Rs 2 lakh, up to 31 December 2017. Further, farmers who have repaid the loans will be credited the repaid loan amount or Rs 25,000 whichever is less.

Other schemes

Other schemes and programmes included in the budget are: continuation of Indira canteens (247) in all taluks and districts in the state. Pragati Colony Scheme, where Rs 1 crore to Rs 5 crore will be provided for development of village/thanda where a large SC/ST population. The H-K region has a lot of Thandas. A new scheme Kayaka, to enhance skill and entrepreneurial quality in SHG, Mathrusri scheme, which provides Rs 1,000 allowance to pregnant women from six months, to be implemented from November 1.


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