wants AIIMS, not the lollipop of Indian Institute of Information Technology, Says Furious Raichur

Contrary to the expectation that the Centre’s decision to set up an Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) at Raichur would cheer the people of the backward Hyderbad-Karnataka district, the announcement has come as a disappointment.

Leaders of various organisations, who had pitched a fierce agitation for the establishment of an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Raichur, are not at all happy with Union minister for human resource development Prakash Javadekar’s announcement on Wednesday that an IIIT will be established at Raichur. They said IIIT was not at all an alternate for IIT and sanctioning it was just an attempt to placate the people of Raichur. They suspect that sanctioning of IIIT to Raichur is a ploy to deprive it of the proposed AIIMS branch. To overcome the regional imbalance and empower the students in the north Karnataka region educationally, Dr Nanjundappa Committee had recommended setting up of Central University in Kalaburagi, IIIT in Dharwad and IIT in Raichur.

Raichur had lost out for lack of connectivity and shortage of land. However, these shortcomings did not come in the way of establishing the IIIT as the requirements for it are not much when compared to those for the IIT. “The scope of IIIT is very narrow as it deals with information technology. It is mainly related to software technology and there will be very few departments. As such the land required is not as much as for the IIT. The IIT will have nearly 20 departments and it deals with science and technology. It will have laboratories and workshops with machines and equipments in large quantity. As such vast area of land is needed,” said a senior official from IIT. He said that the permanent campus of IIIT in Dharwad is coming up on six acres of land near Tadasinakoppa. Jansangram Parishat president Raghvendra Kustagi also said establishment of AIIM’s branch at Raichur would bring some justice to the people of Raichur which is tagged as a backward district.

Source TOI


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