Verdict on killing of Mohsin Shaikh; another back foot kick on Muslim community: SDPI

New Delhi: Reacting to the Mumbai High Court verdict granting bail to three accused in the murder case of 28-year-old Mohsin Sadiq Shaikh from Pune, the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) said that Indian court has given another back foot kick to the Muslim Community by a strange and dangerous verdict legalizing killings on account of religious intolerance.

In a statement on Thursday, A Sayeed, National President of SDPI said such decision of courts will create an unhealthy precedence in the country. He said a communalized and criminalized society, already inspired with indirect support from the ruling machinery has been given another push ahead through a court verdict.

28-year-old Mohsin Shaikh from Pune was killed in June 2014 while returning from a Masjid after offering prayers. It is not a fault that remand prisoners get bail from the honorable court. But this grant of bail is on the basis of a dangerous observation that the fault of the deceased was only that he belonged to another religion.

 The court has astonishingly stood favourable towards the accused on the ground that they were provoked in the name of the religion, and have committed the murder.

Ironically, the court has permitted killings on account of religious intolerance. He urged the Supreme Court to intervene in the matter urgently to restore the decline to the concept of impartiality of the judiciary.



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