This is judicial Lynching of a Religious group for an legal exception that is barely even practiced.-Deccan Digest

Deccan Digest rejects the Supreme Courts ruling that Instant Triple Talaq is a violation of fundamental rights of a women, Instead we hold A view that the ruling is an infringement on right to Religion. The ruling is akin to Giving a faithless institution authority to tell A Religious group on which part of religion they can practice and which part they Cannot. This is totally unacceptable. This a step towards uniform civil code.

The real problems of Muslim women as education, Infant Mortality, financial Security, protection from sexual harassment, protection from dowry Harassment, inequalities in business and jobs, right to choose what she wears and many more. Instead the Courts of India taking these issues head on, have chosen to focus on a non issue.

The Deccan Digest believes that change must come from within the community and instant triple Talaq should not be used whimsically and without valid reason . Given that the All India Muslim Personal Law Board is working towards that direction, the stand taken by supreme court unnecessarily complicates the issue. The ruling however is as useless as the ruling about Drink and drive, Dowry, Devdasi, Hindu Polygamy, Female infanticide and etc. Where even though a decision was given with good intentions the result was not much enthusiastic as the society failed to respond.

Deccan Digest also condemns the politicisation of the issue by Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi and his despicable band of online trolls. We adbise the prime minister to work on the real issues and donot indulge in cheap politics over a trivial non issue. His mandate was given to Fix the economy not the Society, at a time when economy is in doldrums and all but Modi has done is imitate the policies of Congress, we question his unnecessary involvement in this issue. Is the life of Children important to him or scoring brownie points on a non issue important to him?? We request him to set his priorities straight.

In the end we appeal all the people to stanx against this Judicial lynching of Minority Rights.


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