This is an act against Humanity, rise above the Religion of victim & culprits, Netizens of Bidar support #JusticeforPooja, IGP Murugan rejects communal angle and love Jihad angles!!

Bidar: In a stirring show towards justice the Bidar Netizens, especially those from Muslim community has come our strongly against the Bhalki rape Case in which a Spurned suitor raped and killed college student.

A bandh have been called to protest the gruesome act and the Bidarians have come our against the crime in one voice and had demanded justice for pooja, unanimously the Netizens of Bidar and leaders have demanded that The Rapist must be hanged immediately and proper compensation must be given to girls family. But all of them have appealed for Peace!

The outrage on the rape of a 20 year old has failed to divide Bidar as the Netizens of Bidar without any caste or community barriers have rallied for the justice. The incident sent down shivers and had caused lot of outrage in the Bidar.

Bidar editor DeccanDigest Atif ashar wrote ” We condemn this act and we demand the capital punishment for the guilty as soon as possible, no one must disturb Peace and this is an act against humanity, we need to rise above Religions of victim and culprit. Let entire India know that Bidar was and will be a epitome of Harmony ”

Even though the Maniac belong to the minority community the Minority community’s open stand against him was appreciated and many people came out in open against the rape incident and its communalisation.!

Details of incidents,

A 20-year-old girl was raped and murdered in Karnataka’s Bidar, allegedly by the man whose advances she had rejected several times in the past. While the victim was returning home from college, she was kidnapped and dragged to an isolated place. The accused then raped and slit her throat. The accused has been arrested and he has revealed that he had been following and stalking the girl for the past 2 years.


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