The Coup has fallen;Turkey’s PM Declares as Army stands with him.

Multiple Reports claim that the coup has fallen below is  series of tweets

Turkish NTV television reporting on its website that Turkish Air Force F-16s shot down a Sikorsky military helicopter that was under the coup participants’ control. No location given

17 Police Officers Died in Ankara: NTV

General Umit Dundar, commander of the 1st army, is on phone connection now with Haberturk, saying it’s a minority within his unit that’s involved. He has asked them to return to the barracks and end their attempt. He’s also moving other 1st army units from western Turkey toward Istanbul to oppose this minority group, the general says

Masjids Calling for Azaan at in Turkey , they re king people to come out against coup

Protests against the attempted coup have spread across Turkey.
Chief of Staff Special Operations Command: “We are in control of the situation, The nation should not worry.”

Several tweets and reports from our own reporters that mosques in Istanbul are reciting the call to prayer — not the usual time for this.

First Army Commander Dundar: “The Turkish Armed Forces do not support this attempt (coup).”

Chief Admiral Bostanoglu: “We certainly do not condone or support this coup attempt.”

Anadolu Agency: Attempts are being made by the Turkish Airforce to halt the use of military planes and helicopters in the coup attempt.

Chief of Staff Special Ops Command Aksakalli: “The bandits who attempted the coup will not be successful.”


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