Story of Success : Hawker in morning,Student in evening, Mudassar Today is pride of his parents & Teachers.

Gulbarga : “hardwork , Commitment and Perseverance are the key to victory in a battle , doesnt matter it is personal or  actual battle. Until there is a Solid connection between you and your teachers there is no chance of loss and the achievement will be even more bigger and sweeter . “This is the Mantra of Success which Mubeen Khyrdi, a Young Spoken English teacher is being trying to implant in the minds of the Students all over the region.

“The Community which understand the importance of Education and Power of PEN, rules not only Land but the Skies.Which is why Students need to work on this power and get themselves recognised. its a Pity that some people (especially the political elite want to keep us away from the education. which we must not let to happen”.he added

He was speaking at a Felicitation program for Mudassar@ Mubin’s.Spoken English at Shaadaab Function Hall . He used to work in the day and studied in the night and completed his degree then afterwards he got an admission in Appa college MBA , now he’s Got a job in coca-cola.This month he is going abroad . Surprisingly his parents are not educated but now his family members are becoming Graduate .The student who felicitated him is also a vegetables sales boy.after seeing Mudassar many illiterate Muslim youths want to become like Mudassar. Mubin’s Spoken English Gulbarga.

Speaking at the program an emotional Mudassar Nazar said “it is all due to my education .And the people who are behind my education are my parents and my teachers who made me to believe in myself , today i am going to Dubai on job of a Multinational Company, it is all because of that confidence and Hardwork.

Mr Mubin has a batch of Students which has many such students who are working in day, selling vegetables etc and are hardworking students and have excelled in studies many times.


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