Smaller benches should set an example for bringing in an effective justice delivery system: Waghela

Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court D.H. Waghela made a plea against the delay in disposal of cases and urged members of bar associations to strive for bringing in an effective justice delivery system.

Replying to the felicitations extended by the Gulbarga Bar Association at the Gulbarga Bench of Karnataka High Court, Mr. Waghela said this was his maiden visit to the Gulbarga Bench and he was surprised to see cases pending for the past eight years without being touched. “Smaller benches like the Gulbarga Bench of the Karnataka High Court should set an example for others by bringing in an effective justice delivery system by ensuring that no case is delayed unnecessarily,” he said.

Mr. Waghela said that the time has come for advocates to introspect on why litigant public were not approaching courts for settling their cases. According to a study, out of the 100 litigants who would have otherwise tapped the doors of courts for settling their disputes, only 14 per cent approach the courts and more than 40 per cent of the litigants do not approach the court due to the fear or inordinate delay and the expenses.

“Unless you rebel against the present system which allows inordinate delays in the disposal of cases and the advocates change their attitude and mindset and cooperated with the judiciary to dispose of the cases, the present degeneration which had set in the system would continue to grow,” he said.

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