Shahbad : Police foils attempt of miscreants to create communal tension. Case booked against 6 miscreants

Shahbad : Police foils attempt of miscreants to create communal tension. Case booked against 6 miscreants who put idols in a Masjid

Shahbad : The people of Communally sensitive town of Shahbad once agains defeated th nefarious plans of communal disharmony, as it was once again in limelight as miscreants tried to ignite communal passions by placing idols in a Masjid, upon insistence of the local people and many Socio-Political organizations of the Community, Superintendent of Police Gulbarga personally over saw the clearance campaign and deployed strong police force and spoiled any attempt to create communal tension in the town on the eve of Diwali.

The quick response by the police earned praise from. Many organisations like SDPI Gulbarga and others who said police did a good job at containing the spread of rumours as well as any kind of communal trouble, but the political leaders also demanded that this will be temporary relief if the perpetrators of this communal mischief are not caught and brought to Justice.




Sdpi District vice President Abdul Raheem Khan (who’s a resident of Shahbad) in a press communique with claimed that the efforts of fomenting communal trouble are not new but people of Shahbad are of peaceful nature and have been defeating such kind of communal mischief mongers by their peaceful response and Shahbad police have done some good work, but much more is needed.

Upon hearing the news, a SDPI District Delegation called upon SP of Gulbarga Mr Shashikumar and appeals for a quick action which recieved quick response as per the ground reports, SDPI District General secretary shahid Naseer along with Gulbarga Popular Front members and other organisations visited Shahbad and the location of this incident.

Apart from this AIMIM district President Wahaj Baba too sent out a cautionary message to the Mischief mongers and appealed the Gulbarga police for swift action and pleaded with people of Shahbad to. Maintain peace and harmony.


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