Shahabad : SDPI Town Secretary arrested for protesting against destruction of memorial board of a Freedom Fighter

The Shahabad residents who were troubled by some hate mongering sangh Parivar fringe groups in last few days were once again subjected to mental harassment and trouble today, only this time culprits were Shahabad TMC (whose Job s to look after the people of Shahbad. It was absolute Chaos in the medium sized industrial town , 25Km from Gulbarga City .
The already tensed Shahabad town witnessed more tensed scenes as the Shahbad TMC descended upon people and Cleared the Encroachments leading to a chaotic situation as the people ran pillar to post not knowing what had happened .It is absolutely unthinkable that the police department which have been efficient in handling many tough situations in recent days , went ahead with such huge activity in such tensed time.
In this chaos the TMC brought down a memorial board of Haji Abdul Rasheed Chit Sahab, who passed away a couple of Years ago, The Locals led by SDPI Town Secretary Md Akbar Chit requested the TMC and Police to give them time to dismantle it themselves, but instead of heeding to the Locals the TMC acted arbitrarily and decided to demolish it by themselves , thereby sparking a protest by the local residents who deemed it unfair and insulting.
Akbar Chit, Town Secretray SDPI Shahbad
Akbar chit who was leading the protest repeatedly appealed the TMC to give them time and opportunity to dismantle the board by themselves . but the TMC looked was more interested i confrontation than persuasion. the police then arrested the protesters led by the Akbar chit and took them away.
Akbar Chit later said “nobody opposes the clearing of encroachment , it is in the public interest, we too could have support it and persuaded people to give up the encroachments peacefully, but the time chosen and the way it is done shows the lack of compassion and ignorance if th suffering of people, when we gave an undertaking that we will remove the board, why did the TMC had to insult the memorial board? isn’t this provocation ? despite this the police is dragged away the peacefully protesting civilians.
Meanwhile a SDPI Gulbarga District team have reached Shahbad under the leadership of its state Secretary Abdul Raheem Patel. The SP of Gulbarga N Shashikumar spoke to SDPI team and denied any involvement of police in the destruction, while he said Akbar chit was detained only for violation of sec 144 he also assured that all those under detainment will be released soon.
Sdpi Leadership have declared that they will take strict action against the curtailment of fundamental rights and destruction of Memorial board of a Freedom Fighter Janab AbdulRasheed Chit.
While the encroachments were cleared and the Town may look better and beautiful , the TMC Shahabad and The Police department must have to ask themselves and answer this to the people of the Town. Why did it choose such a crucial and tensed time to do this activity and why wasn’t it done later at an appropriate time. 

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