Rumors about Nooruddin Case are unfortunate and untrue : Shahid Naseer SDPI

Gulbarga : Shahid Naseer SDPI Gulbarga District General Secretary have condemned the attempts by some unknown people to spread rumors about Shaheed Nooruddin who was allegedly murdered by some unruly criminals a fortnight ago.

“There are some rumours being spread in Gulbarga city about Nooruddin , this might be a conspiracy to a larger Scheme.The police which has failed to arrest anyone with regards to this heinous crime , May bring anyone as the culprits even if they are not, this might be an attempt in that direction” He Said to DeccanDigest in a telephonic message.

“By the way the rumours are being spread we feel that there are some people who are peddling lies and rumors to create ground for that. we condemn it. we will be vigilant and will not accept every thing that administration tries to put infront of us as we are of an opinion that Dist administration may go to any length to hide their incompetence.” he added

“We appeal people of Gulbarga not to fall prey to such rumours . we want to reiterate that these are all lies and there is no truth in such rumours. Nooruddin as far as everyone knows was a simple hard working Lad it looks like some people are hellbent on Character Assassination of this unfortunate kid and we appeal people of Gulbarga to defeat these Designs”. he concluded


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