Road Doctors at Work, Gulbarga Mahanagara Palike uses HKRDB funds to improve infrastructure


Board in 2014-15

The Gulbarga  Mahanagara Palike has become one of the leading agencies to have utilised the funds released by the Hyderabad Karnataka Region Development Board (HKRDB) for improving the infrastructure and constructing new roads and drains in Gulbarga .

One of the major problems faced by the HKRDB was that it was not in a position to utilise the funds released by the State government every year at the speed that was required.

Also, most of the implementing agencies and line departments were lethargic in spending the funds released by the HKRDB. However, the palike has set an example of how to utilise the funds meaningfully to create assets and improve living conditions in many localities by laying new roads with side drains.

Almost complete

The Commissioner of the palike P. Sunilkumar, told the The Hindu in Kalaburagi on Wednesday, said that it had almost completed all the works taken up using the Rs. 35 crore released by the HKRDB in 2014-15. So far, a sum of Rs. 19 crore had already been spent and the remaining works were in advanced stages of completion. Some of the major works taken up utilising the HKRDB funds released in 2014-15 included the construction of the main road leading to Azadpur, and the main road at Rajapur, Sedam Road and the road at Barry Hills Colony.

Imported machines


One of the major additions to Gulbarga  Mahanagara Palike utilising the funds was the mechanised pot hole filling machine imported from U.S.A. along with the road cutter and road roller also imported from there.

Mr. Sunilkumar said the acquisition of the pot hole filling machine, named ‘Road Doctor’, came in handy for palike officials to take up pot hole filling operations on many roads. The possibility of using the machine to repair the Cement Concrete (CC) roads was also being studied.

During 2015-16, the palike had received a sum of Rs. 48 crore. Utilising these funds, 137 works were taken up, of which, 83 have already been completed and Rs. 20 crore has been utilised achieving a 60 per cent physical progress and 40 per cent financial progress. During 2016-17, a sum of Rs. 11 crore was released by the HKRDB and the palike took up 30 different works.


Mr. Sunilkumar said that besides taking up the work of repair and improvement of main roads, the corporation has utilised the funds for the improvement of the road network in the interior colonies including Karnataka Housing Board Colony in the outskirts of the city, Langar Hanuman Colony, Gubbi Colony and others.

In a phased manner, the palike proposes to improve the internal road network in all the localities using the HKRDB funds.


Courtesy The Hindu, Pics


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