“Return the Honorarium & other benefits” Says Mahanagar Palike Commissioner to Gulbarga Mahanagar palike Nominated Corporators.

Gulbarga||6 Aug : Even after their term has ended, The Gulbarga City corporation’s Nominated Corporators have been taking their Honorarium. (Honorarium is an amount of Rs 6000 paid to corporators instead of a Salary) . the Corporators however have been receiving it even though their term has ended 7 months ago.

On 2015 April 27 Mr. Vijay Kumar Patil, Mr. Ismail Khan ( Khusro Jagidar), Mohammed Abdul Hameed, Rajiv Jane And Kupendra Guttedar were elected as a Nominated Corporators of Gulbarga Mahanagar Palike. As per the government law the Nominated corporators¬†Get only 18 months ruling period, get 6000 as Honorarium and other facilities as Corporator their term ended 7 months ago. But it has been brought to the notice that till now they are ¬†performing all their duties and rights.” Said City Commissioner P Sunil Kumar.¬†

“Only the elected corporators and corporation authorities should be present in the meeting but the nominated corporators are also attending after completion of their period. They are still taking the works from the corporation as elected corporators should take.” he added.

The city corporation commissioner P.Sunil Kumar said “its not a good way to spend the tax payers amount like this, after completing their time period taking facilities from corporation is also not good so the amount which they took after completion of period should return to corporation , The all six nominated corporators have received Rs 2 lakhs from the corporation after their term ended , which they should return to corporation.” he said.


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