Qamar Sahabs’s legacy continues after Death as Close aides appointed in waqf Board Gulbarga. Qadeer Chonge named President, Mustafa Baba and two other Named Vice President.

Gulbarga : Senior Congress leader and a close aide of Dr Qamar ul Islam Sahab, Mr Abdul Qadeer Chonge Appointed as Chairman District Waqf Advisory Committee, Waqf Board Gulbarga .

The Waqf Administrator & regional Commissioner have appointed a Twenty One (21) members Committee with Chairman and three (03) Vice-Chairmen . In what could be the last administrative board order by Dr Qamar ul islam Sahab,his close aide Mr Qadeer Chonge was appointed as President, where as Syed Mustafa Al Hussaini have been appointed as Vice president along with Naseer Ahmed maulana and Javid Jagirdar.

The position was vacant since last March, the outgoing chairman Mr Asad Ansari too was a close follower of Dr Qamar ul Islam. The board was then administered by Regional Commissioner of Gulbarga.

The new committee was finalised a few months ago, Mr Qadeer chonge is a Close Aide of Dr Qamar ul Islam and have served as a Chairman in Gulbarga Municipal Corporation, he was denied a ticket last election , after which Dr Qamar Sahab has assured him to elevation in District level position .

Mean while the Vice President Syed Mustafa Hussaini aka Mustafa Baba is the Younger Son janab Syed Shah Gesudaraz Khusro Hussaini aka Khusro Baba , Sajjada Nasheen Bargah e Bandanawaz (which is one of the Most reputed Muslim Shrine of South India ) .He is also Secretary Khwaja Eduication Society which hosts several educational Insitutions .

Naseer Ahmed Maulana , another Vice President , is also an Ex-corporator according to the sources .

The Committee Shall have a Full term of 3 years ,however , a lot will depend on 2018 MLA election s, if Congress returns the Committee might complete it terms,. or it will be disbanded earlier to accommodate other people.

The Full names of the Comittee are as following


1. Abdul Khadeer Chonge

Vice Presidents

2 Dr. Sy. Mustafa Al Hussaini,

3 Jawid Jagirdar

4. Nasir Ahmed Moulana


5.Wajed Payan

6. Asim Jagirdar

7. Abdul rasheed Lunje

8. Md Nooh

9. Iqbal Ahmed Kajal

10. Shabbir Khalifa Baghban

11. Nayeem Serikar

12. Ayub Qureshi

13. Mehbub Pasha

14 Baber Ali

15 Maqbool Sagri

16 Aleem Chanda

17 Mehmood Shah

18 Javed Khan

19 Syed Zaheer Bukhari

20 Faheemuddin

21 A Gaffar


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