Police suspect ex-BJP worker for Rudresh’s murder

Police investigation into the murder of R Rudresh has found that the RSS volunteer was killed over a political rivalry with a former BJP worker.

A senior police officer involved in the investigation said that there were strong reasons to suspect that Rudresh’s murder was plotted by a former BJP worker. “Investigation carried out in the last one week points to a political motive for Rudresh’s murder. A local worker, who was once Rudresh’s friend, may have played a role in the murder,” the officer said, requesting anonymity.

The local worker, along with Rudresh, had organised the Ganesha festival in Shivajinagar in the past. But the two men developed disagreements when Rudresh hogged the limelight. They parted ways and this man even quit the BJP, the officer said.

This year, Rudresh organised the Ganesha festival on a larger scale. The event’s success not only boosted his political career but also earned him enemies in the BJP’s Shivajinagar unit. “This man (former BJP worker) may be indirectly involved in the murder or may know the killers. We will shortly detain him for questioning,” the officer said.

This apart, police have found no evidence to suggest that Rudresh was killed over ideological reasons. Not only that, police are certain that the murder was carried out by contract killers from outside Bengaluru. The investigation so far has ruled out the possibility of locals being involved in the murder, the officer said.

Rudresh, 35, the mandal president of the RSS’ Shivajinagar shakha and secretary of Shivajinagar BJP, was hacked to death with a machete on October 16 on Kamaraj Road, central Bengaluru, after participating in a ‘patha sanchalana’ (route march).

Will the BJP apologize to People of Karnataka and especially Popular front Of India?

It has become a norm for BJP to give communal color to incidents which are personal or false flags. the Truth is, many RSS-Sangh Parivar members especially ( VHP-Banjrangdal combine) are involved in lots of Shady activities. many times these goons are involved in petty cases and etc which result in personal rivalries ending up in attacks or deaths. The deaths are then used by BJP& SanghParivar to vitiate the environment and use it for political gains and perpetuate Communal tensions.

Prakash attavar , Dist convener of Sriramsena is a notorious Criminal himself. In August the Bajrangis murdered a BJP worker on suspicion of Cow slaughters and trafficking. it was quick act by police that they were apprehended before the blame was passed on.

With the arrest of people behind this case the question remains, is BJP right in Communalising every issue and making it a  political matter? should the BJP apologize for People of Karnataka, Muslim Community and Popular Front of India for repeatedly trying to tarnish the their image? Will the BJP Stop hurting Karnataka’s Image?
The question is whether BJP be able to rein its hardline sections and Motormouths who use opportunities like these to crate a division among states population.


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