PhotoStory By Ayaz Patel : Dome of Ala uddin Hasan Bahaman Shah, Mohammed Shah I, Mohammed Shah II and others lying decrepit

Gulbarga: Ayazuddin Patel , A international photographer and Artist , who along with his close friend Mr Ismail ( a researcher of History and collector of Coins) have been working to bring out the glory of Gulbarga. Yesterday made a Trip to some monuments belonging to Bahamani era. we Cannot explain in words what the monuments have turned into. so here are the pics he posted .

Alauddin Hasan Bahamani , who founded the Bahamani Sultanate in 1347 was the first Muslim King of Deccan, who brought Gulbarga to an International Fame. His Son Muhammad I and GrandSon Muhammad Shah II established the Gulbarga as a Major City of India and World and put it on track to international recognition and awe.

The Subsequent Kings and Kingdoms of Deccan owe a lot to these Kings , but the condition of the monuments which are in ShaikhRoza Area are an example of ungratefulness of People and Time, but more than that they are an example of ineffectiveness of the Government in preserving the history of our city engraved in these monuments. These monuments Current state betray the contribution of these kings  made to the Deccan.

The artists who visited the monuments were shocked to see the encroachments, speaking to DeccanDigest an artist got emotional and said these magnificent structures are being destroyed in front of Us , and we are still oblivious. These are National Monuments and the state is not able to preserve them, These Monuments must be taken under National Monuments category and preserved accordingly”

The Domes were being encroached by people and there is no effort to stop anyone from it . The ASI must act now or a major part of Deccan’s History and Indian History will vanish and Our Coming generations will never be able to see who Our Ancestors were and how much patronage was given to arts and culture by them. It is a Debt on us to preserve these Domes and Monuments for Our Coming generation, a Debt that we can never be able to repay if we lose these monuments.


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