People are dying to get 4000 and crooks are getting crores in new currency, this needs to be investigated-Abdul Raheem Patel SDPI

SDPI state secretary Abdul Raheem Patel demanded the government of India to take notice of the 2000 notes distribution which is becoming fastly the new black money currency.

In a Press release, he said “Daily in the news we are seeing that so many people are caught with a huge amount of new 2000 and 500 currency notes. How can these black money hoarders have converteds their money into new R’s 2000 notes in these large numbers, while people are struggling to get even 1-2  notes.”

“Either they should get from banks or RBI or directly from printing units. Central government need to think on this seriously and investigate all the banks, RBI offices and currency printing units. If this is not checked and corrected immediately, then the whole fight against black money will be a big JOKE and the hardship and inconvenience being faced by the common man with the good intention of getting our country free from black money will be defeated.”

He also criticised the BJP leadership for being hypocritical as they are holding huge functions worth crores involving Russian models , Recreation of an ancient village and Private jets while the country faces so much of hardship.

From where these BJP leaders are getting this kind of Money? is the prime minister going to ask for the details of this dirty display of money by BJP MPs especially those accused of money laundering and corruption? or will he keep insulting the Indian people who have reposed their faith in him.

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