“Peace & Humanity” program – Jamaat-E-Islami Gulbarga

Gulbarga: August 21: In the backdrop of the growing communal rift in the society, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind’s call for Peace and Humanity witnessed leaders of different religions coming together on one stage here on Sunday. In one voice, they supported the need for an intensive campaign for establishment of peace and humanity in the society.
peace and humanity campaign jamaat e islami hind Gulbarga Speaking at the inaugural of Jamaat’s 15day nationwide Peace & Humanity campaign (21 Aug – 4 Sep).

In his presidential address the council member of Jamaat-e-Islami Gulbarga, Dr. Mohammed Habeeb-Ur-Rahman “Peace and security is an essential condition for the people of our nation to prosper and for India to forge on the path of development”. The JIH Gulbarga President dwelled on the need for such a campaign by saying that: our nation of 1.25 billion people is the largest democracy in the world. India is home to people belonging to all major religions of the world. This unique diversity is also its core strength. As despite the differences in language, race and religion, the thread of humanity binds all the countrymen together. However it is a matter of grave concern that some extremist ideologies propounded by communal and fascist forces are quickly gaining ground in society. Some opportunist elements are trying hard to disrupt our age-old social fabric for their own petty political, financial and cultural gains. The need of the hour is therefore to take appropriate steps to bridge this widening social rift, and create an environment of mutual trust and cooperation. Irrespective of political or ideological inclination, we need to unite together to work against communalism on a broad social level.

In this program Mualana Mohammed Imran Bakhavi Imaam of Masjid-E-Hidyat Center, Zakir Hussain Dist President JIH, Maulana Nazeer Ahmed Rashadi Safa Baitul Maal, Prabhu Kaanpure Progressive Thinker, Maulana Javeed Alam Khasmi Khateeb-o-Imaam Masjid-E-Mahebus Gulbarga,  Mohammed Yousuf Khan Dist Incharge JIH and many Progressive thinkers were present in this occasion.



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