our system is working to create Good professionals but not Good Humans: Dr Habeeb ur Rahman, Innovative School hold colorful annual talents day

Innovative International School Islamabad held its Talent’s Day (annual day ) program in KBN Auditorium Gulbarga. Chief Guest & renowned Scholar Dr Habiburrahman Sahab delivered a motivational talk and Founder Zameer Ahmed explained the Vision and Mission of The school especially the practical learning process.

Speaking at the occasion Dr Habeeb Ur Rahman sahab said “The Schools today are trying to make good professionals more than good human beings. This is why we are seeing economic development but moral values are eroding, I am Happy that innovative school is trying to look from that angle also. ”

He exhorted the Parents to be a role model for kids, not just by words but also practically . ” A kid ,learns the virtues of truth from his syllabus and teachers, but when he returns home he sees his parenst speaking lies, which then confuse him and this leads to him being a troubled person later in his life. ” He added.

Zameer Ahmed , Founder of the school then gave a presentation on the schools Mission, Vision and practival approach. He said “Innovative School is one of the first few schools of State to adopt a Practical approach of learning, which is why in the recent Science Exhibition, our school which is around 6 years old was able to compete schools that are in existence since 25-30 years, we were able to match many big league schools due to our practical approach.”

He said that the mission of the school is not just Good professionals but also good humans beings, which is why we have islamic classes with trained professionals . A professional is good not just by his technical knowledge but by teh way he helps the society with his knowledge.

This was followed by a Colorful display of small kids who lit up the auditorium by their performances. Nasheeds, Dramas and Fancy Dress segment etc were presented . some of the District level achievers were felicitated at the occasion.


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