Opinion: Wake up call for Congress & JDS in Karnataka, Secular people esp.Minorities must push for a Karnataka Grand Alliance

“What is not measured will not be improved”.  “If you are failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. If you want productive and better results things needs to be done on real time basis. This is my message and appeal to Congress and JDS party leaders workers and general public of Karnataka to come together.

UP election result is a wakeup call for Congress and JD(S) in Karnataka. The message is very clear and loud that if both parties fight the coming assembly election 2018 separately they are definitely going  to lose the election. As a civil society we should form an INTELLECTUAL SOCIETY IN GULBARGA to analysis and advise the political parties to read the ground realities and act accordingly. Alliance is the need of the hour in Karnataka and we should form a pressure group to inform to the leaders of both parties so that they should know the writings on the wall.

SP+ Congress + BSP and INLD lost election due to division of secular votes.  BJP got 40% votes and opposition combined vote share is 58%. In 218 constituencies of UP assembly election, opposition got more votes than BJP candidates, if they had mahagadhbandhan on the format of Bihar, they could have won around 290 seats and  would have formed the government in UP, and costly defeats that could have been avoided quite easily. Where is the political wisdom of our secular leaders? Are they really secular leaders or just making their voters fool? Or under the table they are helping communal politics to grow and defeat the secular forces? By not coming together, they are doing disservice to the national as well as people of India. Unfortunately we are now at a loss of true leaders across the party line “GREAT THINGS HAPPENED WHEN WE LIVE UNITED”. Now the time has come for collective efforts to keep the democracy and secularism of India alive.  Myself and my NRI friends do not want Congress and JDS to suffer in the coming election, it is in the best interest of all stakeholders of the state. Political parties and people should have ability to learn from one’s mistake and UP election is the best example of major losses of fighting election separately.

My message has always been not to divide secular votes. I am always in support of forming an alliance of likeminded political parties in order to keep the communal forces out of power. Communal parties doing harm to the nation by dividing people on the religion lines. One of the founding fathers of USA Thomas Payne once said that the duty of a true patriot is to protect his country from his government, if government is not working in the right direction.

United opposition is very much required if you are going to fight national or state election with a heavy weight champion . We Muslim and secular section of society do not dislike any individual or group of people or  any particular political party, we  only dislike their ideology, their ideology is not inclusive, and that is the main reason why we do not want to join hands with divide and rule parties. By not giving even a single ticket to any Muslim in UP, BJP has burnt the bridge between Muslims and the party. In 2014 BJP got first time in history 10% Muslim votes and Muslims were coming closer to the party and we were expecting that BJP will give at least 20 to 25 tickets to Muslims in UP,  but BJP neglected and insulted 20% of the state’s population, can a political party do such a injustice purposely and deliberately with the second largest community of India on the basis of RELIGION.??? BJP is working against the will and spirit of the Indian constitution. Secularism is the life line of India. Communal harmony is priceless and we all should come forward to strengthen the fabric of secularism. Promotion of brotherhood is very important  In the present political situation, we need these reminders constantly.

BJP is beatable if the opposition comes together. Thought leaders can read the writings on the wall before time, and take all necessary precaution to win the election. In Karnataka secular votes are with Congress and JDS and it will be in the state’s interest, if they join hands and fight the election in alliance, a grand victory is waiting for them, If they do not come together, definitely they will lose 2018 election miserably. Still time is in hand, immediately  both parties should do their analysis and should come together and announce the alliance and should declare candidates well in advance so that, candidates and workers can start working in their respective constituencies.

BJP is master at all the levels and have very smart strategies and have huge workers network on the ground to implement it. RSS and BJP workers are smart in preparing the road map and we should learn good organizational skills, like, micro management, booth management, door to door canvasing etc. from them, they also have done carefully analysis of OBC and sub-castes  in UP election and distributed tickets  taking into consideration of 40 caste/sub-castes   to garner their votes and succeeded in winning 40% votes. BJP is the only party which has shown greater appeasement to all sections of society, except Muslims.

70% population of India is innocent, do not have political awareness, such ordinary people are too easily influenced by the emotional and deceptive expression of ambitious politician. I feel that  society’s most informed  and best minds must come forward and play a role and to monitor and carefully understand what are the potential dangers for the country and its people. We should educate our people, that the people who govern the country and state should be aristocrats, therefore, we must elect good people to be our representatives in the parliament and assemblies.  If we fail to elect good people, then blood shed, hatred, waste of resources and deplorable conditions had usually been the result, there is no chance of things to become better unless knowledge, justice  and reasons are put in command.

My suggestions on the seat sharing is as follows:

In 2013 Assembly election, Congress vote share was 36.6% and JDS was 20.2%, total vote share was 56.8% and if they come together, then can win around 170-180 seats easily.  JDS should take those constituencies where they did better in 2013 election. Congress should contest on 130-140 seats, JDS 75-80 seats and smaller parties like SDPI  etc should take 3 seats respectively.

BJP vote share was 19.9% and KJP was 9.8%, total  29.7%. but again in Karnataka also they can go to catch between 35 to 40% vote share after grand victory in UP.


The above note is left to the reader  to decide and take some proactive measures to bring both parties  closer to form the alliance and fight the coming assembly election. People can start from Gulbarga and can send a message to across Karnataka. People of Gulbarga can be torch bearer in forming a GRAND ALLIANCE .

 Note : The author Mr SaleemKhaleefa M.A. Political Science majored with public administration is from Gulbarga, currently based in Jeddah, a political, social and education activist. He writes on scores of issues concerning the socity in general and Muslim community as well as Gulbarga in particular.DeccanDigest may not agree with all the content of teh Article


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