Only SDPI has a goal, political Will & action plan for minorities development:E Abubacker

Stop Worrying,Come Lets rebuild our socitey together with clean politics: E Abubacker

DSC_0500“The Minorities especially muslim minorities have been exploited to hilt by the so called secular parties who use them as vote banks and by BJP which uses them as a political tool to polarize the Hindu community. In this double edged cutting the Muslim community have been left far behind the other communities in the race of development and progress. this need to change and this can happen only with all round effort and the political movements which are honest in their efforts to deal the minority issues.” Said E Abubacker (Founder President SDPI ) who was in the city to attend the Milli council program.

He was speaking to a big gathering of Professional , businessmen and Scholars belonging to Muslim Community at the program arranged by SDPI Gulbarga to honor  his first arrival on Gulbarga . This meeting was held at Grand Hotel’s Orchid Auditorium which was full to its capacity and more .State President SDPI Abdul Hannan had also arrived to join these events.

“Most of the political parties lack one or the other thing required for the Progress of Minorities . Only SDPI can boldly say that it has a Goal, Political Will & Action Plan (all the basic ingredients for successful implementation) to uplift the minorities from rubble to stars” he added, compensating his Malayali accent Urdu with a emotional at hearty message.

There was a Q& A program many social activists and members asked questions and gave suggestions to better understand and develop SDPI in the Region.


Replying to queries E Abubacker Said ” every minority organisation or an active individual faces heat and psychological pressures and snooping etc.But we cannot be scared so easily, We must stand together and support each other. Kashmir Issue must be solved with humanity . And Vilification of Muslim intellectuals like Zakir Naik and organisations like Popular Front is both unconstitutional and unethical both Media and Govt must stay away from it ” He opined.

Md Abdul Hannan responded to a question and said ” we don’t want to involve in mere token acts and charity as a prime policy. we are here to do political activism and we shall act as bridge between govt and people. We will get the right of people by education , Agitation and Co-operation. We are building block by block , we have our elected members at Gram Panchayat, Taluka Panchayat and Urban Local body Level in 10 districts of Karnataka.”

On question of Gulbarga-Kalaburagi renaming issue Shahid Naseer responded ” we are facing government both legally and socially. our leadership have been witch hunted and  targeted with cases, but we stand firm and will fight at every occasion. this fight will go on until we undo this injustice”.

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Be a Bridge to the people and Government schemes: E Abubacker to SDPI cadres

As this occasion was first visit of SDPI founder President E Abubacker Sahab’s arrival to Gulbarga, SDPI Gulbarga Unit held a cadre Convention for its district level cadres at Zubair Function Hall .Sdpi Gulbarga District office bearers felicitated their National leader and state President.
E Abubacker spoke to the eager members and exhorted them be a bridge between Government and People and exact maximum benefits from the Government for people. Abdul Hannan State President of Social Democratic Party of India Karnataka state addressed the cadres.


On the side Note

Build a Model Village , so that entire country sees and follows: E AbuBacker To Rehab Volunteers

Rehab India Foundation also welcomed their National Chairman E Abubakar Sahab with a all round visit to the Model village program at Soniya Gandhi colony Gulbarga.
He was given an extensive tour to tuition centre, self help centre etc. He inspected the services provided by Rehab India Foundation. SDPI state President Mr Abdul Hannan was also by his side. They were accompanied by District Rehab India Foundation team.

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