Only Popular Front of India stood by my side, says Hadiya on first visit to Kerala after Supreme Court verdict

TNIE||KOZHIKODE: Hadiya, who returned to Kerala after the apex court restored her marriage with Shefin Jahan, Saturday stirred up another controversy by coming out against two Muslim organisations Jamaat-e-Islami and Tarbiyyath which failed to support her in embracing Islam.

“Both Jamaat-e-Islami and Tarbiyyath refused to help me when I approached them with my desire to embrace Islam. It was only PFI which stood by my side and helped us fight the case legally in the apex court,” she told reporters after calling on the Popular Front of India (PFI) leaders here along with her husband Shefin Jahan.

“When I decided to embrace Islam as my religion, I approached a lot of Muslim bodies to help me. Even when my issue became a controversy, these Muslim bodies joined my criticisers,” Hadiya said.

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She said she was really happy with the Apex Court’s verdict that revoked the Kerala High Court’s order which nullified her marriage to Shefin Jahan. “I am really happy now. I am free today. I have been longing to see the people whom I love to meet. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to PFI for standing by my side when others sidelined me or refused to help me,” she said.

“It’s the right of a person to choose a religion. I don’t know why my marriage has become a controversy or a topic for discussion. I think it was because I embraced Islam as my religion. But I do not understand. Is it not right to embrace a religion one like? Do those people need to pass through all criticisms and traumatic conditions to follow the religion they like?” she added.

Shefin Jahan said “We need to return to Chennai after three days as Hadiya needs to continue with her studies.”

PFI state president Nasaruddeen Elamaram said Hadiya’s case was just one among the many causes which they have taken up. “We will extend our help to them to the last,” he said.


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