Nudidante Nade : CM Siddu delivered as promised, expressions of a NRI Gulbargavi Mr Saleem Khalifa

I was passionate to participate in active politics with a philosophy of SEVA, when I was doing my Masters in Political Science, coming to Saudi Arabia was not in my Agenda. Man proposes, God disposes. I have shared stage during public rallies with Shri Dharam Singhji, Shri Mallikarjun Khargeji and Iqbal Ahmed Saradgi when I was hardly 22 years old. Politics is out of sight but not out of my mind

One of the most remarkable Chief Ministers, after Shri Devraj Urs, really I have seen in the last 2 decades in Karnataka is Shri Siddaramiah. It gives me immense pleasure to say that Karnataka is marching towards development with social justice under the leadership of Siddaramaiah. His government declared @ the begging immediately after forming the government in 2013 that “Development is our agenda, social justice is our goal”. He stays true to the promises made 5 years ago, and most of the promises made in 2013 have been fulfilled, we NRI appreciate his impressive achievements and development is a continuous process.

Those who are criticizing without any proof, I tell them that, one needs a different set of lenses to see the achievements of Shri Sidramaiah. Karnataka’s economic progress under his administration has been impressive. Siddramiah model of governance have good results on the ground. He is popularly known to be a very hard working person and an equally hard taskmaster. Civil servants have been made alert and active to ensure that benefits reach the most deserving people in a targeted and efficient manner. The heads of each department have been directed to prepare an action plans for speedy implementation of programs, with Siddramaiah seeking “strict monitoring on their progress.

Siddramiah is a mass leader and is too much of a gentleman, is a popular among all sections of society, he has earned respect as a good CM. We found CM Siddramiah a man in full command both of himself and the situation. SiddramaiaJi has shown exemplary commitment to improving the state. If people voted on the basis of his last 5 years performance. As a student of political science, I can say that he has proved to be a shrewd politician and second term should be well within his reach. I am sure and I have no doubt that Siddramiah will retain power with 125 seats in the coming 12th May 2018 election, if people voted on merits.

He has given Pro-Public-Policies and its anti-poverty programs and welfare schemes for every one and specially for minorities have been emulated by the rest of India. No scandal has taken place in the past 5 years, therefore, Mr. Siddramiah should also be known as Mr. Clean and Mr. Development.

Karnataka is a potpourri of religions, communities, languages and cultures and is known for its peaceful co-existence. Karnataka Government has been ensuring that its commitment to secular values is intact.
We are living in communal harmony in this state from ages and our first priority is to strengthen the secular fabric and communal harmony in this state. It is said that the quality of democracy is depend upon the quality of people, therefore, It is our responsibility to educate people communal harmony is extremely important for the progress and prosperity of any state and we should work with honesty, sincerity and dedication to strengthen the brotherhood in the country and state.

From last 2 elections the voting percentage in North Constituency of Gulbarga is below average. (52 & 53% ) we should educate people to understand the importance of their RIGHT TO VOTE. There is a greater need to unite people in the North Constituency of Gulbarga, when every one votes democracy wins. Please come out from your homes on the day of 12th May and vote without fail. Government of the people, by the people, for the people– please make democracy win.

Note : Saleem Khalifa is an Indian Expat who writes about politics and other social issues. DeccanDigest may and may not agree with the views expressed in this article.


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