Not possible to accuse Popular Front for terrorism: Supreme Court

New Delhi: July 20: The Supreme Court bench headed by Justice M.K Goyal UU Lalit gave a decision that it is  not possible to accuse Popular Front of India PFI as a terrorist organization in Kannur’s Narat armed training incident. The court had rejected the plea of NIA which appealed to supreme court against the decision of Kerala High court.

The court bench comprised of Mr AK Goel and UU Lalit also said that it is not possible to add the terrorism angle to the Narath weapons training case in which many accused have been implicated under Dreaded UAPA  act .The Court therefore rejected the charges of terrorism and Charges of promotion of religious enmity from the case.

The court further said that there are no evidence available with NIA to overturn the Kerala High Court decision which gave a Verdict that section 153 will not apply to book Popular Front members Abdul Azeez, PC Fahad, KK Janshir, PP Abdul Samad, P Mohammed Sarid, PM Ajmal, AP Mijaaz, C Nuphal, C Rikasuddin, K Ashik, AT Faijal, KP Rabha, V Siraj, AK Jahair, P Shafeeq, EK Rashid, VP Mohammed Abshir, KC Hasim, CP Naushad, Qamaruddin, and others Popular Front members Who were also booked under UAPA (Unlawful activities prevention act).
The Supreme Court, however, dismissed the special permission petition of the NIA and said that no investigation was yet to be made and judgments were given in all the cases.



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