Minority Scholarships issues: Take strict action against the errant schools and colleges: AbdulRaheem Patel

A Delegation of SDPI led by Adbulraheem Patel  submitted a Memorandum to Deputy Commisioner of Gulbarga, DDPI Gulbarga, District Minority officer of Gulbarga Minorities . he was accompanied by District Secretary Syed Dastagir.

“Many schools and colleges in Gulbarga are not at all cooperating with the students and parents in getting the scholarship which they are getting from Minority department. At present the pre-matric and post-matric scholarships which are been facilitated by Central and State Government through National Scholarship portal are been applied by the students and parents, but many schools and colleges are charging Rs 150 to Rs 250 per student to apply these online.” Said Abdul Raheem Patel .

“Where as many NGO’s and many social service oriented people like Information and Empowerment center which is managed by SDPI, Gulbarga at National Chowk are giving forms free and then applying it online free of cost. Even after applying online free of cost from our centers many schools and colleges are strictly taking Rs 150 to Rs 250 per student. When we are contacting them, they are accepting it and afterwards again they are asking money from the parents.” he added .

Commenting on the issues in this regard he said “First of all, minority students and parents are ill informed about these kinds of schemes given by State and Central Government, with lot of difficulties we are bringing awareness among the minorities to avail these kind of schemes, but when this kind of trouble is been given by schools and colleges to these poor parents, it will stop them to take this benefits. Also, Gulbarga University and few polytechnic colleges in Gulbarga are refusing to take the scholarship forms from the students.”

forwarding the demands Syed Dastagir said “We request you to take this issue seriously and take strict action against these schools and colleges in Gulbarga who are demanding money from the students to take the scholarship forms. Also, please setup an information center in your office to lodge these kind of complaints by the students and parents.



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