Minor Girl drugged , kidnapped & Sexually assaulted in Gulbarga. Parents made to run to pillar to post for Filing an FIR

Gulbarga: In a Shocking incident which shows how emboldened the criminals have become in Gulbarga , a 10 Year old Schoolgirl , who is a Class 6 school was Kidnapped from in broad Daylight from Naya Mohalla locality by some unknown persons today Morning 10:30AM,she was released after a few hours as her kidnappers left that girl near KBN college. Her Father Md Iqbal is a Vegetable vendor.

Speaking to the media her parents alleged that Later When they took her to the police station, the present policemen rudley told them to go off and come after 5 pm . Seeing this apathy of the Girl informed Syed Dastagir SDPI and they took her to Government hospital and did all the required tests as the girl had claimed that they gave her some drugs.

The girl in her statement said that a Boy has been torturing her from couple of days and he had physically assaulted her and even threw a stone on her.when she informed her father about this, he said her to skip a day at school . But the boy came with his friend in a Car and and they shouted the name of her father and asked if he is at home, when the girl went to door to reply , two youth who were in a Car forcefully put her in the car, Sexually assaulted her and touched her inappropriately , she was also given some drugs and showed a Knife and threatened .

later they called someone and said “Where are You Rehan” ? and after that call they stopped the Car and asked her to get down  , she got down of the Car and realized that she was infront of KBN College. as she the location she started running towards her house and came to her house without stopping. She complained of severe pain in stomach as she was given some drugs by her kidnappers.

But when the parents took her to the police station, the police allegedly didnt take complaint and crudely asked her to come after 5 pm, the parents of the Girl then called Syed Dastagir SDPI who along with others Social workers lead the case in government hospital, and completed all the procedures about MLC and etc

Syed Dastageer then called DySp Jhanavi about this case who took note of the case and asked the concern section to act, but a FIR was not filed till the time of this report.  Dr Afsar who had given information to local media regarding this,  added that the condition of girl is stable.

The Activists then demanded that the kidnappers mist be immediately arrested and the FIR must be added with stringent IPC sections and POSCO act as the Girl is a Minor.



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