Media misused my parents innocence against the Chief Minister:DK ShivaKumar

Bangalore: karnataka energy minister Mr DK Shivakumar have accused vested interests and media for misusing his parents to cause embarrassment to CM Siddu. He said “My parents are not highly educated. They are not aware about the income tax department & under whose control it works.”

The media has misused their innocence during the times of Distress and have succeeded in prompting a misinformed statement against the Chief Minister Siddaramiayah Ji , I’m not the kind of person that violates the law and the Constitution…the truth will come out,” he said in a press release sent on social media.

“I apologize to the Chief Minister and the state’s people for my mother’s statement which were not intentional. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has supported me forever. I am grateful to Chief Minister, party leaders, activists and to all those who supported me in my difficult times” he added.


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