aftre SDPI’s intervention ,Graveyard road in maheboob nagar finally gets a makeover,


Since many days the road beside the mahboob Nagar graveyard which is a major graveyard of the City, was under severe damage . so much so that at many occasions the funerals were taken into the Graveyard by another , longer route . the water from the pipeline nd drain would make it unusable at many times.

This road is very important for all for the transportation to the schools of the nearby areas and main entrance of Graveyards.

After the residents brought this in the notice of SDPI ward team,the SDPI ward committee approached Syed Ahmed Mayor of the Gulbarga for its solution and repair. After their continuous appeals and follow ups the work was sanctioned and the road and pipeline was repaired.

As the repair work of This road was pending since many years and it was finally taken up, the SDPI DWC member Aleem Ilahi, Shaik Aejaz Ali, Shafiq Ahmed a long with SDPI Maheboob nagar ward members visited and surveyed of CC Road construction at Maheboob Nagar Near Graveyards of the area.

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