“Lingayat Dharma Swatantra Dharma” around 2 lakh people hold rally demanding a separate religion status for Lingayat religion.

Bidar|| DeccanDigest: A Maha rally of more than 2 Lakh people on the theme “Lingayat Religion – Independent Religion ” was held in Bidar by Lingayat Co-ordination Committee, at Nehru Maidan Bidar. The participants declared that the Lingayats should be accorded a separate religion status.
The participants which were expected to number around 2 Lakh held this Lingayat Maha Rally Demanding Separate status of an independent religion for the Lingayat sect.
“There is a general misconception that Lingayatism is a sub-sect of Shaivism, which is itself a sect of Hinduism and that Lingayats are Shudras. But the truth based on textual evidence and reasoning is that Lingayatism is not a sect or sub-sect of Hinduism, but an independent religion” said the protesters led by Lingayat Dharam gurus.
“If one is a Hindu one must accept the Vedic authority. Those who have rejected the Vedic authority are non-Hindus (Avidikas). The Buddhists, for example, who reject the Vedas rely on their own scriptures, Tripitakas, and are branded as heretics (i.e Non Hindus) . If this argument holds, then the Lingayats who reject the Vedic authority and accept the authority of the Kannada Vachanas must be regarded as heretics (Non Hindus).” Said the protesting Dharam Gurus .
“The Lingayats have highest regard for the Vachanas written by their ancestors and the 12th century Sharanas. ” They declared.

“The religion (of the karmakanda) of the Vedas is clearly polytheism. The Vedic people believed that there were 33 crore gods and goddesses, of whom only 33 were important. Where as , The Lingayats are strict monotheists. They enjoin the worship of only one God, namely, Linga (Shiva). It must be noted that the word ‘ Linga ’ here denotes formless God.  for them he is not the mythological Shiva, who with wife Parvati and sons Ganapati and Kumara, abides in Kailasa permanently and visits the mortal world only occasionally. For them Linga or Shiva is formless God.” added a Speaker at the protest rally outlining one of the several differences between Lingayat Religion and Hindu Religion.

The rally was led by Lingayat Dharam Guru Bhalki Hiremath Samasthan Swamiji Sri Basavalinga Pattadevuru and other Lingayat Gurus.The speakers included New Delhi Basava Mantap Sri ChannaBasavanand Swamiji , Korneshwar MahaSwami of Usturi Math, Beldal Sharana, Basava Prabhu Swamiji, Bhatambara Sri and others .

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