Karnataka NRIs Forum in Jeddah Elects New Committee.

The Jeddah chapter of Karnataka NRIs Forum has formed a new committee for next one year, after the term of the previous committee expired. KNRI Forum is one of the pioneer social organizations of India striving to help kannadigas here in kingdom and back home.

A committee of 29 members was chosen in a meeting recently at local restaurant to represent Karnataka residents in Jeddah.

The new elected office bearers are Mr. Roshan Rodriguez President, Mr. Manzoor Ahmed Vice President, Mr. Sabu Chandran Vice President, Mr. Syed Nasir Khursheed General Secretary, Mr. Yashwanth Amin Joint Secretary, Mr. Aijaz Ahmed Meeting Coordinator, Mr. Sri Harsha Treasurer, Mr. Habib Rahaman Joint Treasurer, Mr. Syed Haseebuddin Joint Treasurer, Mr. Niaz Ahmed Press Secretary, Mohammed Saif Cultural Secretary, Mr. Mohammed Kaleem Joint Cultural Secretary, Mr. Mohsin Khan Joint Cultural Secretary, Mr. Pravin Netekar Joint Cultural Secretary, Mr. Peter Mascarenhans Sports Secretary, Mr. Arif Shimoga Joint Sport Secretary, Mr. Shaikh Saoud IT Coordinator, Mr. Mukarram Khan Membership Coordinator, Mr. Mohammed Mansoor Advisory Council Member, Mr. Vasu Manchegowda Advisory Council Member, Mr. Krish Jangal Advisory Council Member and Mr. Mohammed Arif, Mr. Alok Pattar, Mr. Mohammed Saheb, Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed, Mr. Syed Shakeel Ahmed, Mr. Momin Mohd Iylas, Mr. Faizee Razak Sheik, Mr. Mohammed Saleem Khaleefa were elected as executive members.

S M Jafar conducted the session and advised new committee to come up with ambitious plans for the welfare of Karnataka residents in particular and the Indian community in general.

Mohammed Mansoor Advisor of the forum congratulated newly elected body and advised them to work with the positive spirit and elevate the forum to a higher level.

Vasu Manchegowda Advisor of the forum outlined the KNRI forum’s vision and urged kannadigas to play a vital role to reach and help poor and needy people.

Outgoing President Krish Jangal congratulated new team and said social work demands time and energy with dedication, same time definitely god will reward for this and habit of serving the community will develop managerial skills.

President Roshan Rodridgue addressed the gathering and thanked all the members for having confidence and giving him the responsibility of being the president of the KNRI Forum. He also assured to work as per the expectations of the forum and enhances the KNRI forum to support enormous number of needy Kannadigas.

Vice president Manzoor Ahmed said, our forum is committed and will work in the field of Medical, education, culture, welfare and employment for the kannadigas.

General secretary Syed Nasir Khursheed described this forum as a group of family members and requested members to keep same spirit of unity which is our identity.

Yashwant Amin Joint secretary of the forum requested Kannadigas residing in Jeddah to feel free and join the forum, and can be reached us through email :knriforumjeddah@gmail.com

Treasurer of the forum Sri Harsha appealed to the executive committee to work hard for the development and strengthening of the forum by enrolling new life members.

Mohammed Saif Cultural Secretary of the forum expressed happiness for the popularity of the forum not only among kannadigas but also other state community.

Joint Cultural Secretary Mohsin Khan said I have lot of plans for organizing cultural programs for our state people which can be implemented with mutual consensus of executive members in coming meetings.

Niaz Ahmed press secretary of the forum said poor students for higher studies from various parts of Karnataka were helped to continue their education since its inception, now we are getting positive results, as recently I got the news of our candidate, daughter of housemaid to whom we helped got campus selection after graduation.

Sports secretary Peter Mascarenhans said Karnataka residents have proved their mettle in every field due to their ability to work hard and perform duties in the right earnest.

Newly joined KNRI Forum Praveen Netekar who was elected as Joint cultural secretary said I was happy by seeing the amazing unity among all the kannadigas from different parts of the state, I feel more comfortable in this organization he added.

Newly joined Executive Member Saleem khaleefa praised the existing structure of KNRI Forum and appreciated the aims and objective designed.

Program was concluded with vote of thanks by Sabu Chandra vice president of the forum, in his speech he thanked all the attendees and appreciated the enthusiasm of all the members towards helping poor and needy kannadigas. He thanked Indian Consulate for their tremendous support towards the KNRI Forum.

courtesy Gulbarga today


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