Karnataka: Doctor injects HIV-infected blood into wife after falling in love with her niece

In a horrific incident, a doctor in Raichur, Karnataka, allegedly injected HIV-infected blood into his wife, after falling in love with another woman.

According to Patrika sources, the doctor had fallen in love with the daughter of his wife’s sister. The incident came to light when the woman, a resident of Shakti Nagar, Raichur, met Chetan Singh Rathore, Superintendent of Police, Raichur, and lodged a complaint against her husband.

In her complaint, the woman accused her husband of falling in love with the daughter of her elder sister and alleged that he wanted to marry her at any cost, by fair or foul means. When she opposed her husband, he allegedly injected her with HIV-infected blood several times and now her health is deteriorating due to this.

The woman told the police that she came to know about the HIV infection when she approached another doctor for treatment. The woman has also accused the police of allegedly helping her husband and has requested for a change of investigating officer.

The SP has assured the woman that the police will investigate the matter fairly. The matter will now be investigated by another officer after obtaining permission from the court to change the present investigating officer.

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