‘Kalam, an inspiration for all’ Special lecture held for college students on former president

Gulbarga: Educationist Gururaj Karajagi said that patriotism didn’t become part of national education policy even though former president late A P J Abdul Kalam rued this.

He was giving a special lecture on former president, ‘Kalam Beerida Belaku,’ organised for college students by Vikas Academy Gulbarga in association with various teachers’ associations at Rotary Club here on Thursday.

“Kalam always said he is Indian first,” said Karajagi, who was associated with him. Students today are only interested in making money and are not bothered about the country. Post independence, Kalam is an ideal role model for today’s youth who want a present day icon. Kalam, who comes from a poor family rose to become the president of the country. He is an inspiration for everybody, Karajagi said.

Gururaj Karajagi
Gururaj Karajagi Abdul Kalam and Gulbarga Recalling Kalam’s association with Gulbarga, educationist Gururaj Karajagi said that Kalam’s wish to address one lakh students was fulfilled in Gulbarga. During one of the interaction programme here, Kalam was asked by a student why he only enquired about students’ interest in engineering and medicine streams and not in farming. Kalam was really surprised by the question and decided that next he would also enquire about students’ interest in farming, he said.

Speaking about real success, Karajagi said that earning a lot of money or holding high power or physical strength or even fame was not success. World forgets a person who lives for himself. But always remembers those who live for others. “A person who gives message through his life is a real winner and Kalam is one such person,” he said.

Karajagi said during his long association with Kalam, the former president often repeated the story about how his school teacher inspired him, when he was six year old, to take up aerospace engineering and become scientist.

Narrating a incident from Kalam’s childhood, he said the former president was beaten black and blue by his elder brother, who was a panchayat member, for accepting a packet containing silver articles. His brother made him realise the importance of the position one holds and not to misuse it for personal gains as people have faith in them.

“Even when Kalam become president he remained an extremely simple and down to earth man. He created a trust PURA (Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas) and transferred all his salary into it for the benefit of rural people. When he died last year, he had just ~ 789 in his bank account,” he said.

Kalam wanted to die teaching and that’s how he died. “Students should set high goals and shouldn’t take their eyes off it. Aim for stars you will land on rooftop. Aim for rooftop and you will land in underground,” he said.

He told PU students to work hard for two years now and be happy later in life or be happy now and suffer later in life. “Those who don’t think about future spend it in dark.”

Students should learn to respect their parents and should have faith in god.

Replying to a question by a student, he said students neednot go in search of inspiration as there parents are there great source.

Karajagi, replying to a query, said students who were interested in innovations could get help from Atal Tinkering Lab and KSCST (Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology). Hundreds of students from different colleges in the city took part.



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