JUH leader from Hyderabad arrested by Gujarat ATS, where abouts still unknown

Hyderabad: In a shocking turn of events Maulana Mohammed Abdul Qavi, Rector of Madrasa Ashraful Uloom Hyderabad and senior leader of Jamaitul Ulema Hind has been arrested at Delhi airport in a joint operation by Gujarat ATS and Delhi police special cell.

Mulana Qavi was arrested after his flight landed in Delhi from Hyderabad at Sunday night 8:0 p.m. Maulana along with one of his students was travelling to Deoband via Delhi to attend a meeting of JUH seminaries.

According to sources, the student has been let off after taking identification proof while whereabouts of Mulana Qavi is not yet known.

Mualana Qavi’s family has not yet received any official information from any security agency. Meanwhile, many sympathizers of Mualana visited Akbar Bagh where his Madrasa is located to counsel the family. His elder brother Mufti Mazhari is the city president of JUI.

Maulana Abdul Qavi since long has been in the radar of Gujarat police. He was charge sheeted in DCB I-CR No. 6 of 2003 popularly known as ‘ISI greater conspiracy case’ in which dozens of Muslim youth were arrested under POTA from Hyderabad by Gujarat police on the allegation of conspiring to assassinate Chief Minister now BJP P.M. candidate Narendra Modi, than Home Minister L.K. Advani and VHP leader Praveen Togadia.

The case was basically a proxy of Gujarat police to run their own parallel investigation in Haren Pandya murder case which CBI was handling.

Almost everyone who was accused and arrested in this case including radical cleric Maulana Naseeruddin has been acquitted by the court.

Maulana Qavi till now was not touched by security agencies in this case, however his nephew Mufti Asharf Ali rector of Madrasa Sabeebul Falah was arrested by Gujarat police in 2007 but he too was soon acquitted in the conspiracy case by the session court.

According to charge sheet of DCB-6 case, which TCN has copy of, Maulana Abdul Qavi has been made accused no.42 in this case with a specific charge of providing shelter to alleged Narendra Modi assassination conspirators in Hyderabad and also allegedly helped them to escape to Bangladesh.

Interestingly this case has been investigated and handled by none other than I.P.S officer G.L. Singhal who was Narendra Modi’s man in snoop gate of young women. Mr. Singhal in his capacity as Gujarat ATS chief snoop upon young women who was known to Mr. Modi on the orders of former Gujarat HM Amit Shah. Mr. Singhal was Asst. Commissioner of Police Gujarat during the investigation and filing of the chargesheet in DCB-6 in which Maulana Qavi is accused.

Maulana Qavi is a renowned theologian and wrote many books on Islamic fiqh. He has immense clout in the religious circles of Hyderabad, apart from Jamaitul Ulema he is also considered close to many bigwigs of Tabligee Jamat.

According to sources in Jamaitul Ulema their Chief Maulana Mehmood Madani is monitoring the matter personally and is expected to visit Ahmedabad where Maulana Qavi is anticipated to be presented before a magistrate soon.

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