It’s time for Minorities to join hands with oppressed & start their own political movement : Abdul Hannan Sdpi ; Dalit,OBCs &Minorities join hands for minorities Reservation

Bangalore : As a Culmination of its statewide campaign SDPI held a One Day Hunger Strike and Dharna Demanding Minorities reservation in Government and Private sectors, and raising the Government budget for Minorities to 10000 crores, SDPI held a statewide one-day hunger strike for Minorities Rights. The concluding event was attended by hundreds of Cadres, many eminent political and social activists attended and extended solidarity.

Those attended included Prof Nazneen Begum SDPI National vice President , Dr Avad Maheboob Sharif SDPI Karnataka Former President  , Maulana Maqsood Imran Jamia Masjid Imaam Bangalore, Shaafi Bellare PFI state Secretary , Sardar Qureshi President Tipu Sultan United Front, Shafiullah JDS Minority President , Mr Venkat Swami RPI & Samata Sainik Dal President Mr Yogesh Master Progressive Thinker, Mr Mohan Raj Dalit Leader , BR Bhaskar Prasad Dalit leader , Mr B. Goopal Bahujan Social Foundation , Mr Gangappa SDPI Dalit Leader ,Mr Narsimha Murti RTI Activist  and many others.

The protest was Presided by Mr Abdul Hannan State President SDPI, while Prof Nazneen begum National Vice president and Many Nationally acclaimed activists attended as the Guests.

Speaking at the  occasion Mr Abdul Hannan said Social Democratic Party of India has planned out a 20 days state wide campaign from 10 Nov to 30 Nov to make people aware of the problems faced by the Minorities in education, employment, social and political and to create pressure on both the Central and State Governments to at least ensure proper implementation of schemes presently designed for the upliftment of the minorities. And thus help them to get their constitutional rights. We appeal to all citizens to join hands with SDPI in this campaign and strengthen this struggle to attain rights of minorities.

All the governments which have ruled India for over 69 years have not done any development which the minorities can be proud of. All Political parties include minority development agenda in their election manifesto just for the sake of publicity and vote bank. Once they get the power, all these development agendas and gimmicks are forgotten. First of all the budget sanctioned to the minorities are very less, it is not with respect to their population nor based on their problems they are facing. However, whatever the budget & schemes are been sanctioned every year these are not been properly implemented and thus the real beneficiaries are been deprived of these benefits.” he added

At this occasion, the party released a list of deceptions and promises and demands in front of people.

Furnished below are the deceptions exercised by governments against minorities:

  1. The central government had announced Rs. 30 Cr as grant during 2014-15 for merit cum means scholarship, but until 2015-16, an amount of only Rs. 18 Cr has been released.
  2. The central government had announced an amount of Rs. 180 Cr for pre-metric scholarship, but in 2015-16 for no reason 20 Cr has been withdrawn.
  3. The central government had released an amount of Rs. 35Cr during 2014-15 for post-metric scholarship but in 2015-16, 15 Cr grant has been withdrawn.
  4. In State Govt much hyped Shaadi Bhagya still there are balance payments to be made to a total of 27,594 applicants throughout 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16.
  5. A total of 38,385 applicants for the State Government’s “Vidyasiri” scheme floated for the minority students, were supposed to get Rs. 15,000/- each. At the end of March 2016, they were given only 6,000/- so far.
  6. Most of the student’s scholarship has been made online. But due to technical issues with server lags. Millions of minority students could not avail the facilities. Thanks to the utter negligence of the minority department.
  7. The State Government has sent out a circular to all the departments to reserve 15% of budget towards educational, social and economic development of minorities. The irony is that to implement it properly, the Prime Minister’s 15 Point program’s district-wise committee is required. But till now the State Government has not taken any initiative for the renewal of this committee itself!


The main demands of the Minority community:

  1. Implement Justice Ranganath Mishra recommendation in true spirit.
  2. Start Morarji Desai Residential schools and Pre-university Colleges in all Talukas of the State, especially for the minorities. Start Minority Women’s Residential Degree Colleges and Residential Schools (of Central Navodaya Pattern) in all districts.
  3. During the last 3 years, there is a 10% increase in the count of failed students in SSLC & PUC from the Muslim community compared to that of the students of other backward communities. As per 2016 SSLC result, 27.47% of Muslims have failed. As the students from minority communities rely on government schools, the quality of education should be improved and a special training be given to the students 3 months prior to examination.
  4. Since the minorities are deprived from the government jobs, hence they be given reservation in the private sector.
  5. Setup Information Centers at Hobali level to ensure the reach of government facilities to members of the minority communities.
  6. Setup hostels for minority women employees in all districts.
  7. As per the Union Home Ministry’s report Karnataka is the most communally sensitive state in South India. In order to correct this, implement Prime Minister’s 15 Point program’s points furnished in ‘D’ 13, 14, 15 or enact the provisions of the Communal Violence Bill.
  8. Allot 15% reservation for minorities in the state and from this allot 10% to Muslims, as per the recommendations proposed by the Justice Ranganath Mishra Commission.
  9. State Government should allot a budget of 10,000 Cr for the development of minorities in the state budget of 2016-17.

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