Indian women should follow Arab women by covering themselves fully: Jagadguru Mate Mahadevi

Dharwad: First female religious leader Jagadguru Mate Mahadevi finds fault with women over increasing sexual assaults in India.

According to Coastal Digest reports, the Lingayat spiritual head was reacting to the mass molestation in Bengaluru during the New Year’s Eve celebrations urged the girls not to wear provocative clothes and do not roam late at night freely.

“There has been an increase in sexual assaults against women as they roam in the night freely.”

“It is not right on the part of girls to behave provocatively wearing skimpy dresses on the pretext of New Year’s Eve celebrations. Such conduct is an invitation to sexual perverts,” she added.

The President of Basava Dharma opined that girls should cover themselves up.


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