Indian Islamic School hold Science Fair, Practical Learning is the new mantra in Education Says Dr Khurram,

There was a Motorboat, there was a Volcano, a Farm, a Zoo , a Train station , Industries causing pollution, There was also a C-section of Heart with all its veins. and infront of these beautifully crafted models Stood young brilliant minds trying to explain the guests the working behind these science projects. It was a Sight to behold.
Indian Islamic School Gulbarga held a Science Fair to display its practical learning approach to the students and their families. Around 53 Models of Scientific theories and experiments were put on display by the Students . These models and their workings were then explained by the Students to the audience in a Row.
Syed Ahmed Mayor, Gulbarga attended the program and inspected a few Models and carefully listened to the young minds explaining the models. He was accompanied by Dr Mohammed Khuram , Founder & principal of the school , Sadiq Ali Deshmukh of Gulbarga Being Human and few others.
The program was unique in the sense that usually the primary education in India is not Theoretical. however, one of the best thing of the program was about the girls participation ratio,which seemed to have outnumbered the Boys. The absence of electricity played a dampener but the kids made up for it with their energy and enthusiasm.
The Students were advised to design and executed the projects on simple science theories and their syllabus. They were supervised by the Teachers of the School and formed into teams to explain the working of a Project . The Parents were provided with a feedback form at every project station.
Speaking at the Occasion Dr Khurram Said ” Practical learning is the new mantra in education now, i am happy that we are leading by miles in that way. apart from that , extra curricular activities too form an important aspect of our learning program, we believe we are nurturing these students for better tomorrow rather than just educating, which is why Indian islamic school students are in all fields like hifz,handwriting, karate and etc too. “

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