India need more Hindus, have 10 kids – Saraswati

Nagpur: Vasudevanand Saraswati, a Hindu spiritual leader on Sunday urged Hindus to have 10 children, while speaking at the three-day “Dharma Sanstrukti Mahakumbh” organised in Nagpur.

Justifying his appeal, he said there is a need to have more Hindus in India. He also requested Prime Minister, Narendra Modi to take a quick decision on cow slaughter ban.

 Vasudevanand said, “Discard the two-child norm. Have 10 instead, don’t worry about who will fend for them, god will take care of your kids”.
 Present in the meeting were, Maharashtra CM, Devendra Fadvnavis, Assam Governor, Banwarlilal Purohit and City Mayor, Pravin Datke.
“While it’s true that Hindus have become united after Narendra Modi occupied the PM’s chair, the BJP got majority votes despite every Hindu family not having 10 children. The picture will be the same after five years as well,” the Shiv Sena had said irked by the remark.

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