In a first in India, International translation day celebrated by JILT.

Dated on 30th September 2017 the International Translation Day was celebrated by JILT Pvt Ltd. The topic was Translation and Diversity. The secession discussion was happening on translation art and diversity also its theories, principles as well as a translation role in the development of culture and diversity. In this special occasion experts advised to celebrate International Translation Day on high level. It is a great day for institutions, organizations, professional translators and also those students who are related to this vast industry. Mr. Abul Khair Siddiqui CEO of JILT Pvt Ltd said that it is a great occasion for the translation industry. We should have to celebrate every year on a high level.

On May 24th, 2017 the General Assembly of United Nations has been announced and passed the resolution for the celebration of International Translation Day on 30th September of every year for the promotion of human rights and operational activities for sustainable development. Taking note with appreciation of the efforts of the Secretary-General to preserve high quality and craftsmanship in translation. Welcoming the holding of the annual Saint Jerome Translation Contest to commemorate the International Translation Day.

In 1991 the International Federation of Translators recommended to the United Nations Assembly for the recognition of this International Translation Day. In the prospective a mega language service provider company JILT Pvt Ltd has been organized this section and invited the experts of translation art and industry. Translation is a mega step for development of research. No one nation cannot be developed without the development of their own language and also they can unable to transfer their knowledge bank to others. The translation is the only resource for the transformation of knowledge bank to others. Moreover, it also keenly observed that the translation has not got its real status, till now the creation of text is superior upon translation said Mr. Junaid Zakir Assistant Professor, department of translation at Maulana Azad National Urdu University on the occasion of International Translation Day by JILT in recognition of translators and their services.

It is a preceding speech of Mr. Junaid Zakir. It’s a first time that the Translation Day was celebrated globally and it is a first Translation Day celebration in INDIA which is organized by JILT.

In the event the special the special guest Mr. Ahmed Arshad Hussain, Director of Noble Info Tech Hyderabad and Mr. Abul Khair Siddiqui CEO of JILT Pvt Ltd given their delicious lectures. Dr. Mohd Junaid Zakir`s book “Study of Terminologies” got awarded for the valuable contribution to the translation. Moreover Mr. AMK Siddiqui & Mr. Rashid Ahmed and Syed Majid Ali got rewarded their significant services in the Translation Industry.

In his presiding lecture Mr. Junaid Zakir said in translation prospective it is a first time that the JILT has been recognized this kind of Event. We should have to encourage the organization & celebrate program in the coming days . Moreover the program convener Mr. AMK Siddiqui express the theme of International Translation Day its MISSION, VISSION, AIMS & OBJECTIVE. Then Mr. Syed Majid Ali said that the translation field becomes after a long journey of Ups and Downs a good moment. And the coming day’s value of the translators will be increased. At the 9PM the event comes to an end by thanking and wishing a Happy International Translation Day.


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