I was defending myself, reports of supporting BJP in corporation are Hurtful, misleading and False: Ex-mayor Bheemreddy Patil

1506699_582370135166989_1226458274_nFormer Mayor Bheemreddy Patil have criticised the way his defence of not holding advisory meeting was portrayed as his opposition to Incumbent Mayor Syed Ahmed and Support to BJP’s demand on Advisory meeting. He termed the whole issue as a Communication gap between the Congress Floor Leader and the Mayor. he Condemned the misleading reporting & what he called singling out of his defence in council.

In a telephonic interview, Mr. Bheem Reddy Patil said to DeccanDigest “I am hurt by the way the media chose to report it as if I have supported BJP, I was merely defending myself. Some members including Hon’ble Mayor pointed out that Advisory meeting was not held during my tenure, to which I replied that even though at my time the advisory committee was not formed , I held meetings with Janab Qamar ul Islam , Asgar Chulbul BCC president and other Corporators , Syed Ahmed sahab was Floor leader then and he would knew everything beforehand. “

When asked that council secretary read out KMC act that it’s not important to hold advisory meeting he said “If the Mr Ahmed doesn’t want to hold advisory meeting then he must dissolve it, that is what I have been telling in the house also, if you don’t want to hold advisory meetings then dissolve it.”

He regretted the way the meeting proceeded and said that there was a lack of Confidence in the members of ruling party, even though I wanted to support our mayor’s stand I was first blamed and smeared and later we were let down by our own mayor when he apologised to BJP, how can we fight when the Mayor have given up the fight. but the way BJP behaved in the council was not expected . we all must keep the respect of the council, no matter what.

He also pointed out that responsibility of taking everyone along with them is on Mayor , as the leader of house he must ensure that everyone is on board with his works. “our Incumbent mayor needs to open up more to corporators, he is a senior member of the house and he knows how it is”.

On the issue of referring the Mayor as Poojya, he said that this issue is being taken up unnecessarily. Unless anyone objects it through proper channel, this issue must not be raised.

Finally on the “Paura Sanman” and the Walkout by Mr Mannur he said ” we wanted to felicitate them, but the issue was handled poorly. The way BJP behaved was not to the standards of the house, but I would say if Mayor sahib was more careful , it could have been planned in a better way, also we would have given names from our side also, like Janab Qamar ul Islam Sahab was made All India Muslim Personal Law Board Member , which ┬áis a great news as well. he must also have been Felicitated.” he concluded.




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