HKE’S Medical Students observed “World No Tobacco Day” in Gulbarga

Gulbarga: DeccanDigest:: On 30th May, Morning HKES Society Medical Students observed World No Tobacco Day in Gulbarga. India is the second largest consumer and third largest producer of tobacco in the world. The prevalence of overall tobacco use among males is 48% and among females is 20% Data show that, in India more than 35% of adults (274.5 Million) use tobacco, of this 163.7 million use only smokeless tobacco; 68.9 million are only smokers while 42.3 million users of both smoking and smokeless tobacco. Over 30 percent of Indian population above the age 15 uses some form of tobacco which includes 14.6% of children in the age group of 13-15 years. Smoked tobacco use is more in men compared to women who are more likely to use smokeless (chewed) tobacco. Beedis are smoked more than cigarettes. mentioned in a press release.

  1. Centre has issued a complete ban on sale of food products containing tobacco and nicotine as ingredients across India. These would include Gutka, Paan Masala, Zarda and tobacco-based flavored mouth fresheners. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has written to all state for issuing strict directions for banning the production, promotion and sale of these food products. The move came following a Supreme Court order dated September 23, 2016, Banning chewing tobacco products, after that , the pan Masala and tobacco were being consumers can mix the two. With this it is creating more plastic waste materials and it’s dangerous to health in all aspects.
  2. The Government of Karnataka has to issue letters to all the State Secretaries of the departments like education health, transport, railways, human resource etc to compulsory conduct awareness programmes related to usage of tobacco and its ill health on 31st may every year.
  3. Smoke free- public awareness campaigns should be undertaken through print advertisements and public notices to ban on smoking in public places. An intensive campaign should be launched through television/radio spots and outdoor media.
  4. The state Tobacco Control cells should take proper actions like, raids at all public places and collecting fines on regular basis.
  5. Boards containing the warning “No Smoking Area-Smoking here is an Offence” displayed prominently at the entrance of all public places.
  6. The State Tobacco Control cells have also facilitate in the formation of the State Task Force and the District Task Force for implementing smoke free policies at state/District level.
  7. Make aware to the public either by health education or by propaganda about ill effects of tobacco and its products by both private and government agencies/universities.
  8. It should be made compulsory in all the cinema theaters to show the document ary clips in between the movies about ill effects of tobacco and its products.
  9. State and central school syllabus should be reviewed; new syllabus should be made with topic including ill effects of tobacco and its products.

The Medical Students showed street drama and organized awareness rally at this occasion of World No Tobacco Day.


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