Have you forgotten Dadri? Bajrang Dal asks beef eaters in Mangaluru, Will the Govt Rein in these motormouths?

Mangaluru, Oct 23: Speakers at the South Karnataka regional conference of Bajrang Dal have warned of dire consequences for those who hurt the feelings of Hindus and slaughter cows.

Inaugurating the three day conference at Sangh Niketan in the city on Saturday, Bajrang Dal national convener Rajesh Pandey said that the hands that slaughter cows will not be spared. “Have you forgotten what happened in Dadri,” he asked and said that Bajrang Dal will act tough against cow slaughter irrespective of anyone assailing the organization for this particular act.

Go to Pakistan
Mr Pandey said that no Pakistani actor should be allowed to enter India. “Bajrang Dal will not only oppose Pakistani actors in India, but also boycott the films of Indian actors who speak out in support of Pakistani actors,” he said.
“Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan can go to Pakistan, Afghanistan or Bangladesh if they don’t like to be in India. You cannot fool people of India,” he added.

“Our intellectuals are worried about intolerance in India. They did not find intolerance when 4.5 lakh Kashmiri Pandits were forced to leave their land. Vandalising the Amar Jawan memorial at Azad Maidan in Mumbai is also not intolerance for them. Assault on a woman journalist too is not intolerance for them. They are talking about intolerance sitting inside five star hotels.

Bajrang Dal regional convener Sharan Pumpwell said the organization will not keep quiet if Karnataka government goes ahead with the decision of celebrating Tipu Jayanti on November 10. “We have been requesting the state government not to hold celebrations in the name of Tipu Sultan,” he added.

Entire Karnataka will reel under fire if the government celebrates Tipu Jayanti.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal have warned the Congress government of Karnataka of dire consequence if it goes ahead with Tipu Jayanthi celebrations.  Surendra Jain VHP International Secretary said that the VHP and the Bajrang Dal would not allow the government to hold either the birth or death anniversary of Tipu Sultan who according to him “had carried out atrocities against Hindus and Christians”.
VHP regional organising secretary Gopal said that the State government should not repeat the mistake they committed last year by organising Tipu Jayanti that led to tension. VHP and Bajrang Dal would join other organisations in protesting against Tipu Jayanti.
He also warned that entire Karnataka will reel under fire if the government celebrates Tipu Jayanti. “We do not mind laying down our lives while preventing the government from organising Tipu Jayanti,” he added.

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Editors not: the vitriolic speeches like these are the reasons for communal flare ups , will the government rein in the motormouths?? and our stte prospers peacefully?


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