Gulbargian traffic Cop posted in Bengaluru sets exemplary example of humanity on duty.

Amit Sinha of Hsr layout met an accident at HSR layout. He was luckily saved an assisted by an angel cop Mr Gulab who is posted in Bengaluru but is a native of Gulbarga. His good samaritan attitude was widely appreciated when the Bengaluru police facebook shared the story.
Here is what Bengaluru city police wrote on his page. “On 16th March i met with an accident on HSR Layout at around 9:30 AM. Today its been a month complete.It was a hit and run case,thankfully a brave officer Sir.Gulab came for my rescue within few minutes or i would have been smashed by a bus.

He not only stopped the traffic and took me to hospital but was there throught the first aid.

He not only made sure i got my first aid but provided me the bike keys Without any hassle of papers or any trouble for the victim to earn some bribe.

Traffic Police dropped me home with my vehicle safely.

Since i lost my wallet and phone in the process of accident i had no contacts or money to but the officers payed from their pockets in almost all aspects.

A cop is supposed to take accident victims and unclaimed corpses to hospital and morgues.

He is not payed for it.He has to spend from his own pocket.

How would u feel if u had pay similarly at your work place for everyday clients and get no rembuirsement.

Gulab Sir made a few phone calls and i got my phone reached to me directly.

Lucky enough to meet Bangalore police. Dont think that every police official is corrupt. They work hard to earn their bread and butter.

There are many police officials who die just because we stay safe. Respecting them for what they do is not tough.

Please try :)”

-Amit Sinha of HSR Layout. The HSR Layout Police station will be notified of Gulab’s selfless service. Thank you.


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