Gulbarga rejects communalism, SriRamSene protest flops miserably.Will the Gulbarga Police now do the right thing now.?

DeccanDigest Gulbarga || Talha Hussain Gulbargavi: On 16th February , PSI Raghavendra of University police Station arrested 10 popular front members . these members were beaten badly and abused more badly in the police station. They were left other day. The people of Gulbarga rose against this injustice and thousands poured in with their support to the victims. Gulbarga police was left with no choice but to take action and they suspended the Errant Police Officer GS Raghavendra.

But then few Hatemongerers of Shriramsena , who are known to have incited violence and hatred among the peaceful district of Gulbarga tried to  make the issue communal and tried to patronized police department with their opportunistic designs. They threatened police department with revoking of Suspension. They gave a Deadline till yesterday, Gulbarga police stood its ground and the hate preachers were given a suitable answer.

But they then tried to vitiate the peaceful environment by holding a protest. Gulbarga Police Stopped the rally which started from Jagat ,at townhall and only allowed a few people to submit memorandum. The rally howsoever miserably failed in terms of both numbers and impact.

In terms of comparison, While The Joint Rally By minority organisations  at Muslim Chowk Gulbarga was contained by police but still had hundreds in attendance, The Ramsene rally had people countable on fingers . It was clear that people of Gulbarga had rejected communalism and joined for Justice.

The Speech by Andola Seer of Ramsene was filled with hate and lies. He chose the occasion to communally patronize police Department . He claimed that Popular Front didnt have any permission , which was a Lie as popular Front did have the permission for flexes , while the flag hoisting was to be done at a private place next day. DeccanDigest have the Copy of Flex binding from the Mahanagar Palike and had paid 1920 rupees in this regard.

Andola Muthya also claimed that police officer didn’t assault popular front members. which again was a Lie, to begin with Even the police Department have accepted in a preliminary inquiry that the PSI behaved Unreasonably. Medical Reports and Md Moshins Statement all have shown that Md Moshin was in fact assaulted.


The fact of The matter is that popular front is a NeoSocial Movement working for upliftment of the weaker sections the Society. This is bound to cause heartburn in the organisation like ramsena who work to divide India on communal lines.

On the Other hand , Police Department which shows Iron hand and lightening speed in so many issues,especially against the weaker sections of the society,  hasn’t even filed an FIR against the Officer even though an MLC complaint have been lodged on 17th February. There Have been talks and assurances of Inquiry but so far no step except the suspension have been taken.Meanwhile the Errant hawaldars and etc are let off.

This begs a question, will Gulbarga police act and do the right thing so that people’s confidence in the police department is restored.


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