Gulbarga RC Harsh Gupta does sudden inspection of Ration shops , declares Implementation of Pass Machine system.

Gulbarga, August .04 – There are about 20,000 govt food distribution shops in the state, of which 7 per cent of stores have been used for Point Of Sale machines. we can save upto 10% cost if we use this system” said Regional Commissioner Harsh Gupta as he checked out the distribution system of rations through the pass machine in Shop number 189 at Ganj Colony’s SBH ration shop .

“Aadhaar numbers have already been registered for ration cards across the state, resulting in a drop in foodgrain Illegal supply in around 15%. Now the pass machine installation will increase the leakage protection by the total 25% percentage. This is a revolutionary change, “he added.

“Fair Price Shop owners can distribute ration by receiving a pass/chit of ration cards checking it with help of laptop or desktop assist or iris scanning from the tab. as soon as the Iris scan is done the owner of shop and Card holder will be immediately informed about the rate of rationing and the rate of their mobile. This will give the ration cards owners and shoppers the info right amount of ration. The does not require the writing of inventory.”he added.

“142 out of 984 fair price shops in Kalaburagi district, 127 out of 738 fair price shops in Beed district, 128 out of 400 fair price shops in Yadgir district, 176 out of 728 jurisdiction shops in Raichur district, 256 out of 602 fair price shops in Bellary district and 283 shops in Koppal district 442 fair price shops Machines have been installed. He said that in the next month or next month, the Hyderabad Karnataka Division will fully implement pass machines at fair price shops and Internet access to all villages.”

Passes can be purchased at all jurisdictions in the state ,  in any district or at a fair price store. In each jurisdiction shop, 3 members of the ration cards are made members of the vigilance team, who will supervise the distribution of ration. If  the three people post a complaint , such a shop would be canceled.

Deputy Director of Food and Civil Supplies Arunakumar Sangavi, Assistant Director Vijayan Digigar, Food Inspector Shankar Singh, Sunakant Pulari and others were present.


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