Girish Mattennawar’s bomb planting at legislature house a terrorist act, acquittal is shameful: SDPI

Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) State Secretary Abdul Raheem Patel expressed deep concern in the acquittal of Girish Mattennawar along with 3 of his accomplice by the local court in planting of bomb at LH in Bangalore in 2003 and is really unacceptable. This raises questions on the ability of the investigation by the state police and intention of the State Government. From the beginning itself State Government handled this case in kids gloves instead of taking it as a terrorist act.

He said that The fact of the matter was, Girish and his associates had themselves declared and confessed about the crime and moreover the identification of the STD booth owner through which Mr Mattennawar had called the police control room to alert about the bomb also did not nail him. This shows the negligence and un-professional investigation by the police in collecting the evidence and producing in-front of the court. After this incident in 2003, he has become a political leader and looked upon by many youngsters as their role model now. Which is definitely not a good sign for the youths of this country.

he further stated that If this kind of criminal conspiracy which is a terror act should not be considered very light by the state government, as this will boost and deter the youngsters to follow the law of the land. SDPI questions the State government and the police department about the loop holes in the whole episode. It also questions instead of Mr Mattennawar who was a cop, if a common man would have done this, and then he would have been dealt similarly? SDPI demands the State Government to appeal this acquittal in the higher court and deal this case strictly and let the law of the land prevail.


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