First Public Grievances meet a new beginning, Mayor Syed Ahmed take reins of City Administration.

Usually the Citizens of Gulbarga are accustomed to see the Mayor of Their City on the day he is elected or if he is inaugurating some business. But Wednesday 10th August was an exception as Mr Syed Ahmed broke that trend and held a public grievances meeting where he listened to the people talk about their issues. And authoratively suggest and direct the officials for the resolution. For many it was a joyous occasion.



Social organizations and political parties like IUML, SDPI and KRV etc enchased upon the chance and presented scores of issues in front of the Mayor. Their questioned ranged from Open Drainages, Drinking Water, mosquitoes and other Basic Amenities. Total 50 complaints were heard by Mayor Syed Ahmed and His team .The exercise started at 11.30 and went on till 3.00pm.

Many important announcements were also made at the occasion, For instance, Replying to a Question Mayor Syed Ahmed Said that Gulbarga was the only City (except Bangalore) where a B-Khata was issued to iollegally constructed house (after payment of prescribed fee). He appealed to the citizens of Gulbarga to submit the applications to Mahanagar Palike.

Replying to a Question on flex boards and etc by Mr NagBhujange of KRV, Mayor Instructed Mr.P Sunil Kumar, City Corporation Commissioner to immediately remove the flexes and boards put up without taxes.Townhall003

Maulana Md Nooh demanded that here must be transparencies in the tenders, during and after the works are completed. To which Mayor Claimed that he is currently leading most transparent Administration of City’s History, and the people can access any tender’s third party inspection by following its procedure.

SDPI members who attened from different wards asked about the drainage issue of Ward 13, they were explained that Rs 141 crores have been sanctioned for the drainage work and it will be completed soon.

Md Afzaal Questioned about the steps taken regarding the Mosquito menace , to which the Mayor answered with the steps being taken, while Mr Sunil Kumar Complained that many times the Palike workers are being manhandled.

Astonishingly none of the questioners were from two main opposition parties Bhajpa and Janta Dal , whose Corporators also stayed away from the program. This raises many questions about their resolve to see the development of city with transparency and intent.


But The Mayor Mr. Ahmed was on the Other Hand let down by the indifference of Corporators especially belonging to bhajpa who by their absence showed their disinterest in solving people’s issues. Many from Congress were also absent.

He also got enthusiastic support from Some Corporators Such as Deputy Mayor Sharnamma Bennur, Abdul Raheem Mulla, Mrs Rafiuddin Baag , and the Committees Chairmans and other independents and several city organizations.

This was First Time in Gulbarga’s History that a Mayor and his team presented themselves for transparent scrutiny by general public.  The reaction was immense and quick, Social organisations who wanted to solve people’s issues turned up in numbers. more than 5 hours of intense Drama ensued and erring officials have to humbly answer to both Mayor and Public.

the program was halted for some time and Mayor personally collected a memorandum from the group of Ladies form Ward 22. The leader of the Protest Rally was called inside and he narrated the ordeal and explained the issue to the Mayor and City Commissioner . he was then assured of all the help by the City Commissioner who have invited hims for talks next week . Mayor assured he will personally monitor the situation .

Townhall007 Townhall008


While the attendees response was more of a happy surprise . the social media was abuzz with “now that’s a Mayor” comment. Many people were vocal about their hopes and aspirations with the Mayor. Even the staunch Anti-Congress Users were either silent or spoke in favor of the move.everyone hope that this will be a trend rather than an one time exercise.

Even at the Townhall ,An elderly gentleman even got emotional when he arrived late and even after 5 hours of grueling program Mayor listened to him in his chamber and resolved his issue. “yentaha Mayor ri Idu”(Translation What a Mayor He Is ) he remarked in appreciation while talking to before leaving.

The program faced some technical issues in the beginning,but the people were more than forgiving as they were happy that they were finally being heard by the City’s First Citizen, The Mayor, Who finally took charge of the City’s Administration.

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